Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Everyone has at one time or another felt sad, blue, or anxious over some event in their life. While these emotions are valid, Generalized Anxiety Disorders (GAD) is a completely different animal. These are emotions that can negatively affect our everyday functioning as well as our quality of life. While there can be underlying reasons for anxiety, such as side effects of medication, generalized anxiety disorders are an entity unto themselves. Many times people who suffer from anxiety disorders require the help of a professional or medication, but finding some alternatives to make our lives better can be beneficial.

Diagnosis and Available Therapies for GAD

Once your anxiety has been diagnosed as something other than a medical condition, your physician has options at his disposal to treat your anxiety/depression. Many times some form of an anti-depression drug or anti-anxiety pharmaceutical may be prescribed. Now be aware that sometimes these drugs can become addicting and lead to a dependency on them. Your physician may also recommend some form of psychotherapy to coincide with a prescription or even without one. Web MD identifies one particular psychotherapy technique called cognitive-behavioral therapy. This involves adapting behavioral relaxation techniques in order to overcome bouts of anxiety. It also involves restructuring your way of thinking about things that may produce incidents of anxiety. Exercise is also an effective method for alleviating symptoms of anxiety. This goes without saying that often a lifestyle change may make it easier to overcome an anxiety disorder.

What are your Options for Treating Anxiety Disorders?

If you suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) finding relief from this malady can help improve your quality of life. You should work with your physician to determine if prescription medication would benefit you or if there are other ways to overcome your anxiety disorder with or without medication. Your doctor may offer you different options that include:

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety DisordersAeromat Squeeze Ball:
    Originally designed for finger exercises, the squeezable balls are perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. They give you an outlet to channel your anxiety and come in different levels of difficulty (soft and firm) and in two different shapes, round and egg shapes. They are portable and can allow the user to take their stress relief with them.

  2. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety DisordersNatural Patches of Vermont Calming Stress Formula Essential Oil Patch:
    By regulating mood swings and lifting spirits, these patches support the body’s physical and emotional defense against stress and anxiety. This blend of selected natural oils has been designed to restore balance in the body and help alleviate stress and anxiety disorders.

  3. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety DisordersDrive Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display:
    Exercise is a proven way to diminish the effects of Generalized Anxiety Disorders and this peddler is perfect in that capacity. With its compact size and lightweight design, you can take this simple exercise peddler with you. Maybe during a stressful day at work, you can have this under your desk while you work and pedal away the anxiety. Even schools in Europe are allowing students to pedal in class while learning. Resistance is easily adjusted with a simple tension screw and the electronic display gives you exercise time, RPMs, and calories burned. It can even be used for arm exercises!!

  4. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety DisordersStress Stop Relaxation and Recovery CD:
    The ability to relax can go a long way in defeating Generalized Anxiety Disorders. This CD creates a 60-minute relaxing environment. Created by composer Chris Theriault, this CD is perfect for personal relaxation or a great incentive for any health promotion campaign.

  5. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety DisordersAmrita Aromatherapy Bergamot Essential Oil:
    This essential oil is made from a unique and rare fruit named bergamot. It is treasured for its mental and physical benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety in the nervous system to help overcome bouts of anxiety as well as aiding the digestive system, skin, and respiratory system. It has a wonderful fragrant aroma which can create an atmosphere of euphoria that has been likened to Earl Grey tea as well as a top note in the original Eau de Cologne. Create a stress-free environment to overcome anxiety with aromatherapy!!

Tackling Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD may require a multi-front approach. Prescription drugs, therapy, and exercise (yoga, Pilates, or meditation) can be combined to overcome your anxiety disorder. By minimizing or eliminating any anxiety disorder or stress, you can lead a more productive life and increase your quality of life. Work with your doctor and discover any number of stress relievers to help you relax and enjoy life!!


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