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The Belted Undergarment

The Belted Undergarment
Taikhum Sadiq

Incontinence Undergarments are one of the most crucial and feasible parts of incontinence control in the world of medical science. Borrowing the idea of absorption and redesigning the concepts of infant diapers, researchers and manufacturers came up with the concept of adult incontinence undergarments which are a hybrid between adult diapers and incontinence pads. Shaped and structured in a similar way to regular diapers, these undergarments are made taking into consideration the needs of an adult and the specifications of conditions related to adults. Since their inception they have developed into a highly complex system of incontinence managing products with a fairly easy to use application.

What are Belted Undergarments?

Incontinence undergarments are divided into two broad categories, namely, belted and beltless undergarments. Belted undergarments are incontinence underwear with a belt to hold it in place. The basic structure of a belted undergarment includes a undergarment structure with an incontinence pad at the centre with a belt going round it to support the undergarment. They have a higher absorbing capacity as compared to any other absorbent incontinence product and since they have a belt to hold them in place, they can manage staying put for longer times while absorbing urine or feces.

Types of Belted Undergarments

The types of belted incontinence undergarments are classified on the basis of they way there are fastened into place. There are two major types of belted undergarments based on this:

  1. Button Closed Belted Undergarments - Button closed belted undergarments are fastened the same way they are named, using a button. A button on a segment of the belt allows the entire undergarment to be secured in place. This type of incontinence undergarment is perfect for people who like a more secured and sturdy pair of undergarments that can provide additional support and doesn’t snap off because of a little extra weight
  1. Hook and Loop Belted Undergarments - The hook and loop fastening technique is used in apparels to increase the speed of wearing and removing the apparel. This is the same reason belted undergarments come equipped with a hook and loop fastening system. They are attached to either the front or the back of the belt on the undergarment
The Belted Undergarment
Tena Flex Belted Briefs - Heavy Absorbency

Benefits of Belted Underwear

Being a crossover between diapers and incontinence pads, they offer the benefits of both while canceling the disadvantages of both. Here are a few major benefits that are offered by belted undergarments:

  • They offer high absorbency and stay securely in place, without compromising on the safety of the user. There are very minimal chances of leakage and tearing
  • The multiple fastening methods available give the user a wide array of options to choose from based on their requirements
  • They adopt the flexibility of an incontinence pad while offering the support of a belt and drop the disadvantages of a diaper which is heavier and can be trickier to change
  • They give independence to a user to wear the undergarments on their own by allowing them to easily slide into their undergarments and fasten them with ease
  • They also extend support to a caregiver to change the undergarments allowing more time and ease while changing the incontinence undergarment

Choosing the Right Incontinence Undergarments

Choosing the right undergarment is important to make sure that you do not face any embarrassment due to leakage or irritation due to the wrong size. There are three main factors one should take into consideration while choosing the right incontinence undergarment:


The fitting of the incontinence undergarment is important as a tight size can cause irritation and might force you to continuously adjust the undergarment. A loose size can allow the urine or feces to seep through


The material of the incontinence undergarment can cause allergies to the skin if not chosen correctly. Always check for which material is the undergarment made of to prevent any rashes or infections


Choosing the right brand of incontinence undergarments help you decide the right size and fitting as well as the right material. Each brand has its own specifications. Reducing odor also is many a time the priority of a user and using incontinence undergarments from Covedien can give you an assurance that the odor stays trapped within the garment and doesn’t spread around.

Some people have a knack for having a little extra protection while using anything and with incontinence, the more the protection, the better it is. Using incontinence undergarments from Attends can aid in increasing this protection as it has undergarments that have a triple layer of absorbency and protection.

Comfortable and soft are two attributes a person would love to have in an undergarment and incontinence undergarments from Tena come forward to provide the same. They are made from soft materials that are also sturdy and super absorbent.

What Are My Options?

The Prevail Belted Sheilds - Extra Absorbency

Prevail Belted Sheilds - Extra Absorbency is ideal for light to moderate bladder leakage this undergarment securely stays in place with reinforced buttonholes and reusable straps. Its Button and strap system offers a snug and secure fit for confident wear. With its Cloth-like Outer Fabric it is more comfortable and soft against the skin and helps reduce the risk of irritation from the traditional plastic backed incontinence product.

The Belted Undergarment The Belted Undergarment
Prevail Belted Sheilds - Extra Absorbency

Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs

Prevail Overnight Stretchable Briefs are designed to handle higher bladder leaks and provide dependable protection for longer or night time use. They have a very absorbent core to tolerate leaks over lengthy periods, as well as skin-friendly qualities.

Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs
Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs

The Covidien Wings Belted Undergarments

With its high quality poly-fresh super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention it reduces odor and keeps wetness away from the skin. Its wide, adjustable belts make garment more comfortable to wear. Wings Belted Undergarments comes in one size that fits all. It features a strong moisture proof polyethylene backing which provides leakage protection.

The Belted Undergarment
Covidien Wings Belted Undergarments

The Hartmann Dignity Belted Underwear

Hartmann Dignity Belted Undergarments, a 3 layer super absorbent core system with superabsorbent polymer provides optimal dryness and odor control. Its blue acquisition layer helps distribute fluid quickly and evenly. It features cloth-like, moisture-proof outer barrier for discreet protection.

The Belted Undergarment The Belted Undergarment
Hartmann Dignity Belted Undergarment

Incontinence is something people mostly keep discreet and using incontinence undergarments that breach this limit of discreetness is something you wouldn’t prefer. Choose the right incontinence undergarment to make sure you have a safe, comfortable, and easy time while managing incontinence.


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