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9 Reasons Why Wearing Cath Wear Catheter Underwear is a Smart Choice

9 Reasons Why Wearing Cath Wear Catheter Underwear is a Smart Choice
Shweta Chaubey

Uncomfortable catheter tubing and leg straps can cause many problems. A catheter underwear can help. One such versatile and effective product is - Cath Wear Catheter Underwear. It is a revolutionary product changing how individuals manage their urinary catheters. Its innovative design offers a discreet and stylish solution for those who need urinary catheters for their condition.  

Here are 9 benefits of Cath Wear Catheter Underwear that make it stand out in the market.  

9 Benefits of Cath Wear Catheter Underwear 

1. Comfort Beyond Compare 

It is crafted from high-quality, breathable materials to prioritize your comfort. The soft fabric and ergonomic design ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day, whether at work, simply relaxing at home, or enjoying outdoor activities. 

2. Discreet and Stylish 

Gone are the days of bulky catheter bags and unsightly tubing; the new CathWear Catheter clothing allows you to wear your catheter under regular clothing without anyone noticing. With CathWear, you can maintain your privacy and dignity without drawing unwanted attention. 

3. Secure Catheter Placement 

It has two spacious Cath-pockets to hold up to two 600 ml catheter leg bags securely in place. It means you can move freely without the bags shifting and minimize plastic-to-skin contact, reducing the risk of skin issues. 

Similarly, the Cath-track system lets you conceal and secure the catheter tubing to prevent accidental pulling or dislodging of the catheter. The Velcro opening on the Cath-Track ensures easy access, even for individuals with arthritis or any other degenerative condition.

CathWear Catheter Underwear
CathWear Catheter Underwear
CathWear Catheter Underwear

Buy CathWear Catheter Underwear

4. Suitable for active lifestyle 

CathWear is perfect for individuals who strive to manage daily activities on their own or have an active lifestyle. Whether hiking, jogging, or going about your daily activities, the CathWear Catheter Underwear provides you with the support you need and offers the freedom you want to move without hindrance. 

5. Compatibility with Various Catheter Types 

CathWear catheter underwear is compatible with several external catheters, including suprapubic, Foley, nephrostomy, and biliary catheters. No matter what your catheter needs are, CathWear has you covered. 

6. Reduced Skin Irritation 

The overtightened leg straps can lead to skin irritations. CathWear has cath pockets that eliminate the need for straps, prevent sweating and discomfort, and keep the leg bags securely in place. 

7. Versatile Sizing and Colors 

CathWear Underwear has a unisex design and is available in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences. From small to 2X large, there's a size for everyone for a personalized fit and style. Variety in size and color promotes a sense of confidence and well-being and lets you wear anything you want and feel comfortable.

8. Simple Care and Maintenance 

Caring for CathWear is a breeze. The underwear is machine washable and can be tumble-dried on low heat. Follow the care instructions provided, and your CathWear Catheter Underwear will continue providing comfort and support.  

It has a Velcro opening for easy access to the catheter tubing and hassle-free management of the catheter. Additionally, the valve access at the bottom of the pockets simplifies drainage. 

9. Medicare Reimbursable and Patented Design 

The patented design of CathWear is FDA-registered and Medicare-reimbursable. This speaks of the credibility and quality of the CathWear, providing you with peace of mind. 

CathWear Catheter Pants stand as a remarkable solution for people using catheters. It helps regain your freedom, comfort, and confidence while efficiently managing your catheter needs. 

How to use CathWear Underwear

1. To use with a Biliary Catheter

  • Roll-up leg bag
  • Run it through the catheter channel tract
  • Unroll leg bag
  • Insert the leg bag into the pocket
  • Exit valve at the bottom of the pocket

2. To use with a Nephrostomy Catheter

To use multiple drains and leg bags, Cathwear offers options for comfortable drainage:

  • Roll Up Leg Bags
  • Run the leg bags through the catheter channel tract
  • A velcro tab provides extra channel access
  • After inserting the bags through the tract, unroll the leg bags
  • Insert the leg bags in the pockets
  • Exit the drainage valve at the bottom of the pockets.

3. To use with a Foley Catheter

  • Open the Foley access tab
  • Feed the catheter through the opening
  • Insert the leg bag into a pocket
  • Exit the valve at the bottom of the leg pocket.

4. To use with a Suprapubic Catheter

An access opening in the catheter underwear allows for ease of use

  • Roll-up leg bag
  • Run the leg bag and drainage tube through the suprapubic opening
  • Use the velcro tab to run the leg bag through the channel tract
  • Unroll the leg bag
  • Insert leg bag into a pocket
  • Exit the valve at the bottom of the leg pocket

Where can I buy Cath Wear Catheter Underwear? 

HPFY has been your health and wellness partner since 2002. We offer an array of urological supplies, including the Cath wear catheter pants. Explore our catalog today and get exclusive discounts on every purchase you make.   


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