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7 Dressing Aids for Seniors

7 Dressing Aids for Seniors
HPFY Staff Writer

With age comes a lot of physical challenges. Some of these can adversely affect the quality of one's life. One such challenge is getting dressed. For older adults with arthritis, terminal illness, or recovering from a stroke, getting dressed can pose many challenges.   

Difficulty putting on clothes should not be why someone loses independence and confidence. To help you figure your way around dressing up independently, here is a list of 7 best dressing aids for seniors.   

7 Simple Dressing Aids for Seniors   

1. Vive Metal Shoe Horn with Leather Hand Grip  

Shoehorns are an important dressing aid for seniors. These are simple tools used for wearing shoes comfortably. These are designed to help our older loved ones dress up independently. These are great for those with limited flexibility who find it hard to bend over to wear shoes.  

The Vive Metal Shoehorn is a long stainless-steel shoe aid that makes slipping shoes on and off a breeze. It measures 16.5" in length and has a gently curved base for smoothly guiding the heel into any shoe. It neither rusts nor bends, making it a durable purchase for your dear one.   

Features of Vive Metal Long-Handled Shoehorn  

  • Gently curved design  
  • Durable stainless steel  
  • Extended reach handle  
  • Leather hand grip  

Vive Metal Shoe Horn with Leather Hand Grip


2. Elastic Shoelaces  

Untied shoelaces pose a great danger for those prone to falling. Our seniors often struggle with this issue. Adaptive shoelaces make difficult shoes with laces into regular slip-ons.   

Adaptive shoelaces are ideal for individuals with limited hand mobility, grasp, agility, or motor skills. These FSA-approved shoelaces are constructed of durable elastic to support the foot by keeping it securely in place all day. The smooth and stretchy material of the shoelaces makes tying and untying easier. Our customers love these shoe aids for their durability and efficiency.   

Features of Elastic Shoelaces  

  • Sold as a pair   
  • Unique no-tie shoelace design  
  • Perfect for anybody who needs assistance while tying their shoes  

Elastic Shoelaces


3. Good Grips Button Hook  

A button hook helps people with arthritis or weakness in their hands in button fastening. It typically comes with a built-up soft grip rubber handle for comfortable gripping, and the formed wire pulls the buttons easily through the buttonhole.  

Good Grips Button Hook features a soft, cushioned grip on hard-to-grasp buttons, making buttoning clothes easier for seniors. The firm 2-inch-long wire section is uniquely formed so it can slip around most buttons and the handle makes gipping firmer and more comfortable.   

Features of Good Grips Button Hook  

  • Lightweight  
  • Designed for one hand use  
  • Large rubber handle for a comfortable grip  
  • An elongated wire loop for fastening buttons  

Good Grips Button Hook


4. Economy Dressing Stick  

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved  LatexFree Latex Free

A dressing stick is a long tool that helps people dress themselves. This dressing aid for seniors is used to pull clothes over your body and reach clothes on high hangers.  

Economy Dressing Stick has a small hook on one side, ideal for picking up and pulling on lower body garments. The other end has a larger hook and pusher used to position clothes without risking damage. This FSA-approved assistive device for dressing has long wooden stem that makes it lightweight and effective.  

Features of Economy Dressing Stick  

  • Has two hooks  
  • Latex free  
  • 27.5" long  
  • Lightweight  

Economy Dressing Stick


5. Vive Button Hook Pull  

With age, health issues such as trembling or arthritic hands can make it tough to dress up. Vive Button Hook Pull is a great dressing aid for seniors and allows you to easily button shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, and more.  

Features of Button Hook Pull  

  • Made with smooth, durable steel and has a slim wire loop  
  • Works well for most types of buttons  
  • Ergonomically shaped for an easy grip  
  • A narrow steel hook helps with zipping jackets  

Vive Button Hook Pull


6. Pant Clip  

LatexFree Latex Free

A menial task like zipping your trousers can be frustrating and embarrassing, too. A pant clip is another simple tool for dressing that can make your life a little easier. One end of the clip attaches to the pants, and the other attaches to the shirt while seated. It is completely unobtrusive.   

Features of Pant Clip  

  • Simple and effective design  
  • It comes with an adjustable cord  
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility  
  • Portable  
  • Easy to use  
  • Latex free  

Pant Clip


7. Adult Wide Style Sock Aid 

For older adults with chronic back pain, bending down to put on socks or stockings is painful. Sock aid helps them in putting on socks without having to bend down. Adult Wide Style Sock Aid assists individuals with physical immobility and features a flat design that prevents the sock aid from rolling down while wearing it.  

Features of Adult Wide Style Sock Aid  

  • Easy tool for putting socks on   
  • Ideal for people with lymphedema, cerebral palsy, or hip replacement   
  • Side wings come with larger hook areas to grip the sock as it is pulled up the leg  
  • Reusable and portable  
  • Accommodate larger feet  

Adult Wide Style Sock Aid A7545


Where can I buy dressing aids for seniors?  

HPFY has been your health and wellness partner since 2002. We carry an array of dressing and grooming aids for older adults and individuals with limited mobility. Explore our catalog today to find the best pick that suits your needs.   


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