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Top Ten Incontinence Wipe

HPFY Staff Writer

Incontinence adult-washcloths and wipes are used to keep yourself clean and refresh your skin following diaper & brief, or pad changes. If you are experiencing hygiene issues while handling bladder or bowel incontinence, Adult Diapers and Chux offers you some of its most popular incontinence care wipes. The following top ten incontinence washcloths and wipes are disposable and large in size for easy handling and proper sanitizing.

1. Prevail Adult Washcloths - with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E

Prevail Adult Washcloths is a lotion enriched pack of wipes, made with Vitamin E and natural botanicals like Aloe and Chamomile. It promotes healthy skin with hypoallergenic care. Each wipe is made with Skin Smart fabric to wick urine quickly and locks moisture away from the skin. It works even when the product is under the pressure of body weight. Cleansing, soothing, and moisturizing the skin is the most important feature of this product. With triple-layer fabric, the Adult Washcloths become more durable, and single-hand dispensing adds-on to quick, clean, and waste-free sanitization.

Features of Prevail Adult Washcloths

  • Press Open Lid and Single-Hand Dispensing makes it convenient to use
  • Lotion Enriched (Vitamin E and natural botanicals Aloe and Chamomile)
  • Cost-effective solution to your hygiene issues related to incontinence
  • Skin Smart Fabric provides skincare benefits by keeping skin dry and prevent microbial growth
  • Strong and Soft Tri-Form Fabric makes it durable without harming the skin

2. Medline FitRight Personal Cleansing Wipes

Medline FitRight Personal full-sized and standard weight cleansing wipes are ideal for incontinence care and everyday clean-ups. Personal Cleansing Wipes are durable and designed to provide pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free skincare. FitRight Cleansing Wipes are single patient use wipes that reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The soothing aloe touch keeps skin hydrated and can be applied all over body-perennial. These soft and disposable cleansing wipes are also used while applying ointments, creams, or any protective barrier. Medline Personal Cleansing Wipes is the best choice for people with sensitive skin who want more comfort and gentle cleaning while managing their incontinence.

Features of Medline FitRight Personal Cleansing Wipes

  • Ultra-soft and aloe-gentle wipes, ideal for fragile skin
  • Single patient use wipes can be used anywhere and anytime
  • Alcohol-free
  • Convenient and easy to use with a flip-top lid
  • Comes in two variants scented and unscented
  • (Note: Please do NOT flush Aloetouch wipes in the toilet)

3. Medline FitRight Aloetouch Quilted Personal Cleansing Wipes

Medline FitRight Aloetouch Quilted Personal Cleansing Wipes are quilted textured cloths with the aloe-enriched formula which makes the wipes suitable for regular incontinence care. The FitRight Aloetouch Quilted Cleansing Wipes are best for sensitive skin. You do not need soap, water, or washcloth for incontinence care as these aloe-touch cleansing wipes gently wipe away all the dirt conveniently. Managing incontinence hygiene is no more a drill now with these durable Aloetouch Quilted Wet Wipes that come in a soft pack with a flip-top lid. Use of the Medline Personal Cleansing Wipes save time and also provide skin-care benefits. The soft and cool touch of quilted cleansing cloths comforts the skin.

Features of Medline FitRight Aloetouch Quilted Cleansing Wipes

  • Full-sized cleansing wet wipes ideal for daily use
  • Alcohol-free, Hypoallergenic and pH-balanced
  • Quilted texture with spun lace absorbent material
  • Single patient use, no risks of cross-contamination
  • Unscented to avoid allergic reactions to fragrance

4. Sterling Bob’s Butt Wipes Hanging Dispenser

Sterling Bob’s Butt Wipes Hanging Dispenser bundle includes- Butt Wipes Refill (Pack of 42 Wipes) and Bob’s Butt Wipes Dispenser (1 Green or 1 Tan Wipe Dispensing Containers). Bob’s Butt Wipes are multi-purpose and recommended by medical professionals. These butt wipes are all-natural and biodegradable. The butt wipes bundle comes with a refill that has a re-sealable peel and stick-opening. It is very easy to attach the butt wipes hanging dispenser to your toilet paper dispenser. These wipes are fragrance-free and pre-moistened to clean and refresh instantly.

Features of Sterling Bobs Butt Wipes Hanging Dispenser

  • The bundle Includes
    -1 Hanging Dispenser
    -1 pack of 42-count wipes
  • Easy to install and easy to refill in its hanging position
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Sewer and septic friendly
  • Flushable Wipe Dispenser

5. Cardinal Health Personal Cleansing Cloth

Cardinal Health Personal Cleansing Cloth is a soft cloth wipe infused with aloe. These incontinence cleansing cloths are suitable for quick clean-up. Cardinal Personal Cleansing Cloths are very gentle on the skin and do not formulate rinse. The aloe-touched personal cleansing cloths are soothing and moisturizing. These incontinence washcloths are wrapped in re-sealable packs. They are ready-to-use and pre-moistened. You can use personal cleansing cloths to manage both urinary and bowel incontinence.

Features of Cardinal Health Personal Cleansing Cloth

  • pH balanced formulation for skincare benefits
  • Effectively removes urine and feces
  • Available in wide options of
    -scented and unscented
    -flushable and non-flushable
  • CHG compatible

6. Attends Quickables Dry Wipes

Attends Quickables Dry Wipes are a good alternative to non-disposable cloths. These dry wipes are soft and give a cloth-like feel. The Quickables Dry Wipes are designed to protect skin from irritation and allergies. Therefore, these incontinence wipes are extremely gentle on the skin. Attends Dry Wipes are made of an air-laid, non-woven fabric. The dry wipes are available in heavy and medium-tensile weight to provide superior strength and hygienic care. The absorbent level of each wipe is 8 to 10 times its own weight.

Features of Attends Quickables Dry Wipes

  • Sanitary alternative to non-disposable cloths
  • Air-laid, non-woven fabric
  • Absorbs 8 to 10 times its own weight
  • Cloth-like feel, gentle on the skin and protect from irritation
  • Made in the USA

7. Attends Washcloths Convenience Pack

Attends Washcloths Convenience Pack offers gentle and soft incontinence washcloths. These soft cloths have convenient, one-step skincare, safeguarding against rashes and infections. These premium soft cloths have a pH-balanced cleansing formula with aloe and vitamin E to prevent skin irritation, rashes, and infections. The Fresh Touch Moisturizer allows one-step skincare. This washcloths convenience pack is available in scented and unscented options and can be used in conjunction with underpads and other body-worn products.

Features of Attends Washcloths Convenience Pack

  • pH-balanced cleansing formulation
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Soft pack with reclosable lid
  • 100% Free of parabens, latex, and alcohol
  • Rinse-free

8. McKesson StayDry Scented Soft Pack Personal Wipes

McKesson StayDry Scented Soft Pack Personal Wipes are disposable washcloths to clean the adult perineal area which makes it exclusive for skin cleansing purposes only. StayDry Soft Pack Personal Wipes contain Vitamin E and natural aloe for maximum comfort and healthy moisturization of the complete body. They are packed in a convenient dispensing lid. StayDry Wipes are clinically tested for hyposensitivity and are hypoallergenic for people with sensitivities. This sanitary wipe is pleasantly fragranced and works on rinse-free formula. Aloe and vitamin E formula helps protect skin from irritation, rashes, and infections and leave it soft and nourished.

Features of McKesson StayDry Scented Soft Pack Personal Wipes

  • Non-sterile, Alcohol-free and Latex-free
  • Pre-moistened, soft, nonwoven fabric
  • 2-ply, strong, textured material with stretch and strength to avoid tearing
  • Lid conveniently stays open and firmly snaps closed
  • Dispenses easily with one hand, minimizing cross-contamination
  • Available in 100 Per Pack, 6 Packs Per Case

9. Prevail Premium Quilted Washcloths

Prevail Premium Quilted Washcloths are designed to promote skin wellness. Premium Quilted Washcloths are engineered to clean and refresh the skin to reduce dryness and irritation that occurs while wearing incontinence pads or diapers for long hours. Each wipe is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe for soothing and moisturizing the skin. These washcloths provide hypoallergenic care by wicking away and locking up the liquid. Single-Hand Dispensing makes it easy to grab one wipe at a time and promotes waste-free cleanup. The triple-layer fabric adds durability to the Prevail Quilted Washcloths.

Features of Prevail Premium Quilted Washcloths

  • Promotes skin wellness and reduces dry irritated skin
  • Single unfolded washcloth can be easily pulled out from the pack
  • Lotion Enriched Wipes moisturize the skin and keep it healthy
  • The unique three-layer fabric (Tri-form fabric) prevents tearing or stretching for effective sanitizing
  • Skin Smart Fabric allows the skin to breathe and reduce excess heat to avoid susceptibility to irritants and microbial growth
  • Press open lid for convenient use

10. Prevail Fragrance Free Adult Washcloths

Prevail Fragrance Free Adult Washcloths are made of skin smart fabric that is gentle on the skin and keeps it protected from all types of skin allergies, irritants, rashes, and infections. The moisture enriched washcloths help in refreshing skin and provide comfort. These adult washcloths are unscented and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin types. Tri-form fabric makes it durable and quick-to-use. Each washcloth is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe for healthy and soft skin.

Features of Prevail Fragrance Free Adult Washcloth

  • Lotion enriched (Vitamin E and Aloe)
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Single hand dispensing of wipes to avoid cross-contamination
  • Triple-layer fabric to add durability and prevention from tearing
  • Convenient press-open-lid design

Where to Buy Incontinence Wipes and Washcloths Online?

Incontinence management requires a conscious choice of the right incontinence product with proper medical care. It does not matter what type of incontinence issue you are experiencing, the good news is that incontinence care supplies are very much advanced now. Your self-care and hygiene in such a situation have become easier with the above-mentioned incontinence wipes and washcloths. Adult Diapers and Chux is determined to provide incontinence care washcloths and wipes that are skin-friendly and convenient to use for all body types at affordable prices.


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