Gift ideas for kids with special needs

Special needs’ is an umbrella terms that encompasses a number of diagnoses and conditions. When we talk about the idea of children with special needs, we include children that are affected by genetic disorders, syndromes, terminal illnesses, profound cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, food allergies, developmental delays, or panic attacks. The medical world has taken up the responsibility of creating treatment methods, rehabilitation techniques, and various other processes that help parents and children cope up with the various conditions that might affect the basic health of a child in all possible ways. Gifting something to a child with special needs can be tricky. This is a very sensitive topic for parents and giving something that might hurt the sentiments of the parents or the child is the last thing one would want to do. Choose something from the wide range of products the medical world has to offer that cater to the various needs of children with special needs. From toys to educational tools, there is a huge array of products that can make a child happy.

Gift Ideas may Include

1. Indoor Swings

Science tell us that children develop body strength during their formative years by playing around and engaging themselves in physical activities. These activities bolster their physical strength and improve the strength of the muscles and bones. Swings are one of the most favorite rides for a child in a park. But sometimes we need to create a safe environment for a child with special needs. Indoor strap swings are swings which give an opportunity to special need kids to develop leg, arm, & trunk strength, better body awareness, and sensory integration. It also helps children in maintaining their equilibrium. Playaway Toy Rainy Door Indoor Strap Swing helps to develop balance and motor planning skills and benefit from sensory integration therapy. They can be easily installed within the door frame of any room in the house. This swing will let the child have fun while at the same time developing balance.

Gift ideas for kids with special needs Gift ideas for kids with special needs
Playaway Toy Rainy Day Indoor Strap Swing FlagHouse Beano Swing

2. Ball Pits

Balls are the first set of toys owned by any child in the world. Children tend to use almost everything from clothes, leaves, snow, mud, soil, etc to roll up into ball and play. Obviously we can give a child a real ball made of plastic or rubber but there is an added touch when the child makes one themselves. Balls for special need children are the same as regular balls but are made with the aim of improving balance, strength, and gross motor coordination. The Sensory Development Cushion Soft Ball Pit is designed with 100 soft balls that allow a child to immerse itself in long periods of fun and development. It can be used to improve dynamic balance, facilitates movement, gross motor coordination, improve strength, better cognitive skills and improved coordination. Use the ball pit in place of a chair during while watching T.V. or for fun. It can accommodate a number of children at once.

Gift ideas for kids with special needs Gift ideas for kids with special needs
Somatron Multi-Sensory Clear Balls For Tubby Ball Pool Sensory Development Cushion Soft Ball Pit

3. Mini Rib-it Ball

When rattles and balls come together, they create a Mini Rib-it Ball. Its main aim is to enhance vision for children who have very limited vision strength. The ball gives auditory stimulation in the form of crinkle sound and the ribs on ball limits it’s the rolling to increase the child’s play time than chase time. The auditory stimulation will allow the child to track it easily. The Mini Rib-it Ball is a super lightweight soft ball that is easy to grip and hold with its handle-like ribs. Just pull the ring for soothing vibration or give it a shake for a gentle sound. Its colorful nylon material makes a crinkling noise when squeezed. It is great for improving fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual and auditory processing.

Gift ideas for kids with special needs Gift ideas for kids with special needs
Mini Rib-it Ball Playability Jacobs Rib it Ball

4. Bongo Drums

The exposure to music is something that starts with the basic of rattling noises the child hears when they are infants. Toddlers are often seen banging around on tables and other surfaces to create sounds that entertain them. This drumming habit is usually common to all children. Even a simple pattern of drumming offers great benefits to wide range of kids. It reduces the stress among special need kids. Drumming diverts kids from various stress related activities and calms them down. Drumming actually uses both the sides of brain that helps in achieving better hemispheric coordination. Bongo drums are a perfect choice in such situations. Bongo drums need to be connected with two capability switches and they can be played all day. They have great sound and are high quality drums. These bongos are tunable with a bongo key.

Gift ideas for kids with special needs Gift ideas for kids with special needs
Bongo Drums Playability Drum Therapy Kit

5. ABC Adventure Elefun Toy

Toys aren’t just for fun but it also benefits kids in mastering their skills. Educational toys are the perfect amalgamation of education and fun. The VTech Infant Learning Roll and Learn Turtle Toy is one such toy. It can be pushed and pulled along the floor and has colorful buttons that make various sounds. The buttons can be twisted, turned, or spun while teaching a child names of insects, colors, sounds, or actions words. After engaging with the VTech Infant Learning Roll and Learn Turtle Toy, you will be excited to see the fascination and glow on the face of the child.

Gift ideas for kids with special needs Gift ideas for kids with special needs
VTech Infant learning Roll & Learn Turtle Toy
Finding Dory Bubble Blower

Other gift items like art tools, wood block set, touch and feel letters and lot more can also be wonderful gifts for children with special needs . Choose a special gift for the special child. Make sure you put an effervescent smile on the face of the child.


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