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Rollators, or rollator walkers, are designed to meet the mobility requirements of those who are unable to move around unassisted. They are basically walkers on wheels or rolling walkers. Safe, reliable and sturdy, rollators offer a comfortable and affordable solution to mobility. Discover newfound freedom with these mobility aids which provide maximum support and improved posture. Ergonomic hand grips, latest designs, heavy-duty and strong wheels, adjustable handle heights, frame made with highest quality materials... are some of the highlights of these rollators. There are breast cancer awareness rollators, designer rollators and specially designed products for bariatric

How to Choose the Best Rollator?

The best rollator is the one which meets all your needs. Therefore choose wisely. Factors to consider when choosing a rolling walker are:

Weight Capacity

Bariatric individuals need a heavy-duty rollator which can support enormous weight. For those with a heavier than average built who find movement difficult, a rollator walker provides improved indoor and outdoor transportation. Bariatric rollators have extra wide padded seats and ergonomically-designed, easy-grip handles which can be adjusted. The framework of a heavy-duty rollator is built to be extra strong. It is made of reinforced aluminum and steel frame which can hold up to 700 lbs. Bariatric rollators fold easily for storage and travel.

Number of Wheels

There are 3-wheel rollators and 4-wheel rollators. Some can be used both indoors and outdoors. Before buying one, check out the features of each. Both types offer excellent stability, flexibility, easy maneuverability and locking brakes. Additional features include height-adjustable handles, height-adjustable seats, compact size with collapsible design, easy folding mechanism for storage and travel and low maintenance brake cables. The 3-wheel rollator is smaller and lighter, some weighing as little as 11 lbs. This walking aid is ideal for someone who needs a quick getaway. The 4-wheel rollator has an added advantage. It comes with a seat which allows the user to pause and rest for some time. If you need a rollator with a seat then opt for the 4-wheel variety.

Transport Needs

Those looking for independence as well as assisted movement will require a transport rollator which can be ambulated independently or is pushed by a caregiver. Transport rollators include features of a transport chair and rollator combined in one unit. They are designed for smooth transition from a rollator to a transport chair. A rollator transport chair combo comes with a comfortable padded seat which can be pushed into reverse directions depending on whether the person is being pushed or self-ambulating. 

We carry a range of high quality rollators from well-known manufacturers guaranteed to conform to individual needs. Multiple options for size, weight and color are available for your rollator. There are rollators for tall individuals with handle heights going up to 35” and above. You can find rollators with back support/backrest, with padded seat, with loop lock, hand brakes, carry bag and flip-up seat.

What are the Best Rollator?

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HPFY Offers a wide range of high quality rollators from top manufacturers guaranteed to conform to individual needs. We have rollator walkers from Drive Medical, Medline, Mabis, Graham-Field, Karman Healthcare and more. Drive Medical rollator collection includes the popular Drive Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator and Drive Winnie Lite Supreme 3 Wheel Walker Rollator. Shop Today and Save Big

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