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Avoiding Osteoporosis for Women

Kevin Cleary

Women can face a multitude of health issues, but one that is very common is osteoporosis or a disease of the bones. Basically, osteoporosis makes bones weaker and more brittle and therefore more susceptible to breakage. According to, the bones most commonly affected are the hip, wrists, and spine (vertebrae). As you can imagine, any broken bone can be painful, even debilitating, and make simple tasks, like walking, more difficult.

Can It Be Prevented?

Sometimes there are factors that contribute to osteoporosis that you cannot control, so the smart thing is to concentrate on doing things that you can control. It's never too early to start building strong bones. Starting in childhood and even your teen years can build a solid foundation for strong bones. Women should make sure they are getting enough calcium in their daily diet since our bones contain a great deal of it. suggests the following calcium intake:

  • Ages 9-18            1300 mg per day
  • Ages 19-50          1000 mg per day
  • Ages 51 & up       1200 mg per day

Women should seek food that is rich in calcium to integrate into their daily diet. Foods such as fat-free yogurt, milk, spinach, and white beans and give as much as 400 mg of calcium per serving. One simple way to increase your calcium is by using an antacid that doubles as a calcium supplement, such as the GoodSense Extra Strength Calcium Antacid Chewable Tablets. Besides relieving heartburn and acid indigestion, they add 320 mg of calcium!! Women should also increase their intake of vitamin D to build strong bones. Some of the daily recommended amounts for vitamin D (measured in international units IU) include:

  • Ages 19-70           600 IU per day
  • Aged 71+             800 IU per day

By increasing foods that are rich in vitamin D, women can build stronger bones. These foods include salmon, milk fortified with vitamin D, and eggs. They can contribute as much as 350 IU per serving!! Use of a supplement, such as the Global Up Cal D Calcium Citrate Plus Vitamin D3 Powder, can help increase calcium and vitamin D intake. Each serving contains 2500 mg of calcium citrate which gives a yield of 500 mg of elemental calcium that the body absorbs, as well as 500 IU of vitamin D3 to promote bone growth.

Things You Should Avoid

Things You Should Avoid
A lot of our habits or activities can contribute to osteoporosis. Women should try to avoid smoking, excess alcohol, or a diet low in dairy. These are all things that are well within our control and can help ward off brittle bones. Another thing we need to concentrate on is not becoming a couch potato. Being active can go a long way to slowing bone loss and the development of osteoporosis. Try walking, yoga, or tai chi even. Anything that gets you up and moving can help with bone density.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps in several ways to help our bones. For starters, it slows bone loss and can increase muscle density as well as improving your balance to minimize the risk of falling. If you need support while exercising, the Rolyan Aquaform Corset with Polycushion is perfect for comfortable, effective immobilization. Much like astronauts who don't feel the effects of gravity, the lack of activity can negatively affect our bone density. Any weight-bearing exercise can help maintain, or at least slow any loss, helping strong bones. Try adding weight to maximize your exercise. The Elgin Koala Kuff Adjustable Ankle Weights allows for progressive resistance and can be adjusted in either .5 pound or 1 pound increments. Yoga is a perfect exercise regiment for beginners. Not only does it strengthen your core muscles, but it is a great low-impact weight bearing exercise. For beginners, the Valeo Yoga Kit has everything for the novice; including a mat, a cotton strap, and two foam blocks all in an easy to carry nylon bag with a wall yoga instruction chart.

Just like a solid foundation is critical to a house, our bones are critical to our bodies. Take control early and make sure your bones have the necessary nutrients to stay strong. Get up and move so your bones will stay sturdy and healthy.


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