Sculpted: Shape Wear for Women

Sculpted: Shape Wear for Women

Confidence comes from many factors and body image can be one of the largest for women. Whether it’s trying to maintain a feminine figure or providing support after surgery, sometimes we need a little help. Garments that promote body shaping can help us regain that confident feel we had when we were younger and had the time and energy to pay attention to our figure.

Sculpted: Shape Wear for Women


It’s Not Just for Looks, but Support

Sculpted: Shape Wear for WomenWhen you think about shape wear, the girdle and corsets of yesteryear may come to mind, but with the development of different lightweight fabrics these have become much more comfortable and functional. For instance, the Gabrialla High Waist Abdominal Support Girdle is designed to help firm up the tummy area. Not only does this provide body shaping of up to two dress sizes, it is also perfect for abdominal area surgery, C-sections, in addition to obesity and is extremely comfortable. For those that require more support for the back and hip area, the Gabrialla Abdominal and Back Support Girdle can help relieve back pain as well as firm up the tummy area with nylon and breathable lace elastic panels for comfort. Stylish and functional!! After surgery the need for support can help speed the healing process. Surgery is invasive and can cut muscle tissue that needs time to heal, especially in our abdominal area. This area is important to us since our core muscles help maintain our stability and flexibility. The Anita Care Post Operative Body Bandage is designed to support our midsections after surgery or childbirth, not to mention after a thoracic contusion or broken ribs.


Regain That Girlish Figure!!

As we age, more of our time becomes monopolized by other events. Family commitments, sporting events for our children Sculpted: Shape Wear for Womenand just working long hours can leave us with very little free time to take care of ourselves. Trips to the gym or just working out can become memories. Using shape wear can give you an edge to regain your figure. The Nearly Me Waist Cincher is worn under the bust and over the hips to smooth, flatten, and minimize the waist. Since it is flexible, it will maintain its shape even while sitting without creasing. Get back that hourglass figure in less time than going to the gym!! For tummy control, the Amoena Shape Brief can be worn under work clothes as well as clothing for fun time. To add shaping through your thighs the Amoena Shape Brief Biker extends to give a slimming look to your upper thighs while giving a smooth look under clothing. During the hot days of summer our thighs can really become chafed. The LuisaLuisa Bamboo Summer Bloomer can be a savior. Worn under summer dresses, it can eliminate the need for hot hosiery or slimming panties. Wick away any moisture with the undyed bamboo and Lycra fabric. For full-body support, the Nearly Me Full-Body Shaper extends up and around the bust and can even be worn without a bra for low cut shirts. Its adjustable straps allow for an individualized fit and are breathable not to mention comfortable!!


No matter what your need is for support, there are options for you. Don’t allow your busy schedule to monopolize your time or surgery to cause you to lose your figure. Shape wear is there for you and can help you support and shape your figure.


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