Gift ideas for babies

We all have some kind of idea about the gift options for men, women, and teens but what about babies. Your best friend, sister or any other close person had a baby and you feel like, “what shall I gift a baby”. Confused what to gift!!!!

Here are some ideas that can be productive and functional at the same time.

A Baby Sitting Support 

Gift ideas for babies

It offers a great support to babies while sitting. They’re flexible enough to take jumping and scratching easily. Blue Stars Sit Me Up Baby Sitting Support has a soothing blue star pattern and soft crescent shape that supports the child comfortably in a sitting position. This sitting support is made with soft and durable poly foam and is covered in easy to clean vinyl. Not just the baby’s parent but the child itself will enjoy the comfort of it.

Nest Head Support

Gift ideas for babies



Head supports are great in relieving the pressure from the baby’s head and neck. Nest head support will help in holding the head of a baby in better position. Babies spend more time on their backs and cannot hold up their heavy little noggins. Until they can do it themselves, this support can help them relieve the pressure by elevating and cradling their head in comfy support with the unique, patented cut-out design. It can be used when baby is on-the-go in the stroller, relaxing in the swing and bouncing in the bouncer.


Infant Mittens

Gift ideas for babies


Mittens are of great use. They save the sensitive of babies from getting scratches. Medline Infant Mittens are soft 100 percent cotton mittens which help to prevent infants from scratching their delicate skin. Comes in assorted pastel colors - yellow, aqua, pink and blue and are fitted with a comfortable, elastic and decorative bow at wrist.


Baby Oil

Gift ideas for babies

Baby Oils are great gifts items; they are specially made for baby’s sensitive skin. They are high in minerals and vitamins which nourishes skin.
Freshscent Baby Oil leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Bizi Ball

Gift ideas for babies



Bizi Balls looks like a normal ball but it can be divided into different sections for visual stimulation. Playability Bizi Ball offer great benefits and is full of surprises. Gentle crinkle, chime and rattle sounds capture a childs attention, while the teething ring and its elastic tether is perfect for extra added bouncy fun. The high contrast colors are visually stimulating.


Portable Napper

 Gift ideas for babies

The portable napper can be easily stored under bed. Skil-Care Portable Cozy Napper has portable baby crawl area and is intended for infants until they can crawl. This napper features soft barriers to limit crawl space. It is portable and easily carried to the area where the parent is working and provides a very comfortable area for Tummy Time, sleeping or for the awake infant when they are engaged in other activities.

There is wide variety of gift options available at with options in color and design.


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