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CORFLO Ultra Nasogastric Feeding Tubes With Anti-Clog Feeding Port

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43", 10FR

SKU 20-7431
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43", 10FR

SKU 20-7431
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43", 12FR

SKU 20-7432
$44.94 Each

43", 12FR

SKU 20-7432
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43", 8FR

SKU 20-7438
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43", 8FR

SKU 20-7438
$456.44 10/Case
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Corpak CORFLO Ultra Nasogastric Feeding Tubes with Anti-Clog Feeding Port has been created to provide food to patients who for some reason cannot eat food but their digestive system remains stable. The Ultra anti-clog outlet port significantly reduces the occurrence of clogging. These tubes can be inserted via the nose or mouth and placed in the stomach, as well as in the duodenum, or jejunum.

Why choose an NG Feeding Tube?

  • Designed to deliver enteral nutrition
  • Contains centimeter markings, a lubricated tip, and water water-activated inner lumen
  • 3gm weight with stylet
  • 100% radiopaque for x-ray confirmation
  • Anti-clog feeding port
  • Latex and DEHP-free
  • Made of polyurethane material
  • Offers consistent productivity


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Corpak CORFLO Ultra Nasogastric Feeding Tube Features

  • Largest selection of adult, pediatric, and neonatal feeding tubes to allow one-stop sourcing for all the feeding tubes hospital or system-wide
  • May or may not be weighted for easy insertion and incorporates the ultra-canoe-shaped anti-clog outlet port
  • Y-ports on all Corpak CORFLO feeding tubes minimize touch contamination and make flushing easy
  • Uniquely designed for delivering enteral nutrition
  • Weighted tubes use multiple tungsten weights allowing for flexibility and greater comfort during intubation
  • Stylet lengths are matched to the Corpak CORFLO feeding tubes
  • Flow-through stylets to flush and aspirate during the insertion procedure
  • Coated with a water-activated lubricant to ease insertion
  • It is usually made of polyurethane or silicone
  • Designed for intubations where anti-clogging and ease of insertion are critical
  • Printed with centimeter marks for increased patient safety and intubation accuracy
  • Compatible only with oral tip and catheter syringes

CORFLO Feeding Tube Design Technology

  • The exit port is more than 300 percent wider than the internal feeding tube diameter, which greatly decreases the occurrence of clogging
  • There are no slots, holes, ridges, or right angles for trapping solids or congealed feeding materials for unimpeded flow
  • Facilitates aspiration by minimizing the possibility for mucosal adherence
  • Braided stylet terminates in front of the contoured tip preventing accidental emergence from the exit port
CORFLO Ultra Feeding Tube

Caution- A feeding tube is very effective when initially placed properly by a trained physician

What to buy with Corpak Feeding Tube

How to feed through Corpak CORFLO Ultra NG Tubing?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water
  2. Check the doctor’s orders for the feeding plan and instructions on how to flush the NG tube
  3. Gather the supplies:
    • Feeding pump
    • Feeding administration set
    • IV pole
    • Farrell valve system bag (if ordered by your doctor)
    • Formula
    • Bottle or container to measure the formula
    • Small syringe 5 ml
    • Stethoscope
    • Water
  4. Open the feeding administration set and the Farrell bag
    Use a new feeding administration set and Farrell bag every 24 hours
  5. Connect the bags at the “Y” junction on the Farrell bag tubing
  6. Add the formula to the bag
    The formula that you mix or prepare can be in the bag for four hours
    The formula that is already prepared and in a box can be in the bag for eight hours
  7. Prime, or fill, the tubing of the feeding administration set with formula
  8. Close the clamp at the end of the Farrell bag tubing
  9. Put the tubing into the feeding pump
  10. Turn the pump on
  11. Refer to feeding pump instructions for pump programming
    • Set the rate - how fast the feedings are to go in
    • Set the dose - how much formula is to be given
  12. Check to make sure the NG tube is in the correct place
  13. Give a small amount of water to flush the NG tube to make sure it is open
    • Check doctor’s orders for the amount of water to use
  14. Connect the feeding administration set tubing to the feeding tube
  15. Open the clamp on the tubing
  16. Start the feeding pump
  17. When the feeding is finished, turn off the pump, remove the feeding set, and flush the NG tube with water

CORFLO Ultra Enteral Feeding Tube Specifications

Product Code  Diameter (Fr) Catheter Length (Inches)
#20-7368 8 Fr 36"
#20-7431 10 Fr 43"
#20-7432 12 Fr 43"
#20-7438 8 Fr 43"


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