Buy Reaching Aids

Reaching aids are daily living equipments designed for people with arthritis, limited range of motion or who have trouble bending over. They help make routine challenges easier and achieve more independence. These reachers and grabbers allow reaching to distant and hard-to-reach places and bringing things close enough to grab. Their long handles work like hands and fingers once their trigger is squeezed and help in getting a secure hold on items. HPFY offers reaching aids from top selling manufacturers like Complete Medical, Essential Medical, Fabrication Enterprises, Patterson Medical, etc.

Different types of Reachers

At HPFY, reaching aids for disabled are available in different types and styles, including aluminum frame, rotating heads, magnetic tips, suction cups, etc.

  • Aluminum Frame Reachers: Aluminum reachers are made of lightweight aluminum construction and are easy for the users to handle. 
  • Magnetic Tip Reachers: Reachers with magnetic tip help users to pick up small steel objects like bolts, screws, etc. 
  • Foldable Reachers: Foldable reachers are beneficial when the users have limited space for storing and need to carry it whenever they go outside. 
  • Rotating Head Reachers: Rotating head reachers are useful for picking up small objects that are placed in hard to reach places. 
  • Reachers with Trigger Mechanism: Reachers with triggers provide a tight and secure grip on the objects which are being picked up. 
  • Reachers with Suction Cups: Reachers with suction cups help in securely grabbing even a slippery item.

Uses of Reaching Aids

  • Grab an item from a high shelf 
  • Pick up an item fallen between two other items 
  • Open cabinet doors or drawers 
  • Retrieve pencils and pens fallen on the floor 
  • Get the items at the grocery store or super market 
  • Take a book from a bookshelf 
  • Work as dressing aid to pull up socks 
  • Pick the remote control for video player or television 
  • Reachers with magnetic tip, pick up keys and nails with ease