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How does Compression Stocking Works?

Compression stockings help in increasing the flow of blood in your legs by providing a gentle compression that helps the blood to move up your legs. This gentle compression helps in reduction of swelling and blood clotting.

When to use Compression Stocking?

You may be prescribed for covidien ted stockings in case of

  • varicose veins

  • Venous ulcers

  • Post-thrombotic syndrome

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Edemaspider veins, and lymphedema 

  • Use after a surgery

  • Compression stockings also help with aching legs with a heavy feeling.

Your healthcare provider may suggest the type of stockings and the level of compression required according to your health condition. At HPFY we have compression stockings with different compression levels and heights at best prices and discounts.

Types of Compression Stockings

Compression stockings come in different:

  • A compression stocking is mainly divided into 4 compression levels. Compression level is measured in mmHG.

    1. Mild Compression (12-16 mmHg)
    2. Moderate Compression (15-20 mmHg)
    3. Firm Compression Stocking(20-30 mmHg)
    4. Extra Firm Compression Stocking (30-40mmHg)
  • Lengths: they come in knee length stocking style to the top of the thigh.

  • Different Colors 

The amount of time for which you need to wear compression stockings each day differs according to your specific health condition. In some cases you might need to wear them all day long. Covidien Ted Stockings feel tight around the ankles and you feel lesser pressure higher up. Put on the stockings first thing in the morning as the swelling is least when you wake up. Holding the top roll the stocking down to the heel. Put your foot in the Stocking Doomer and roll up to your knees or thighs. Smoothen the wrinkles if any. For people with limited hand strength compression stockings can be difficult to put on. Apply a moisturizer on your legs if you find it difficult to wear them. Alternatively you can use a little baby powder or cornstarch for easing the process. For people with limited dexterity a sock donning aid may help. Wash the stockings with water and a mild detergent each day. Keep two pair of stockings. One to wear and other to wash. These stockings must be replaced every 3-6 months as they may lose their compression failing to maintain the required amount of support. If you feel your size has changes due to the subsiding of swelling or any other reason get it refitted by your healthcare provider.  

At HPFY we supply compression stockings like Medtronic Covidien Kendall Open Toe Knee Length TED Anti-Embolism Stockings, Medline EMS Knee Length 15-18mmHg Anti-Embolism Stockings or Advanced Orthopaedics Closed Toe Thigh High 15-20 mmHg Compression Stocking For Ladies and many more from popular manufacturers like BSN Medical, Julius Zorn, Venosan  and many more at attractive discounts on HPFY.

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