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Yoga and Pilates exercises improve flexibility. Yoga helps in bringing your body and mind together and is built of three important elements – exercise, breathing and meditation. Pilates help in stretching all major muscle groups of your body in a balanced fashion improving balance, body awareness, flexibility and strength. If you need to improve muscular and postural strength go for Yoga or Pilates. At HPFY we have a wide range of Yoga and Pilates products to keep you fit and active while nurturing your mind, body and soul. Buy products from top manufacturers like AGM Group, Fitter International, Bodysport and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on Health Products For You!

Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are thin mats with a standard thickness between 0.3 to 0.6 cm. These mats can be carried around easily and aim to increase the traction of the user. Different mats are designed to accommodate different yoga styles. For standard yoga exercises, mats made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are the best as they provide the desired flexibility along with a stable grip.

Yoga Mats

For power yoga or hot yoga you may require mats made up of absorbent material so that you do not slip due to sweating while you perform the practice. Yoga mats are personal mats generally and must not be shared for hygiene purposes. Do not forget to clean your mat regularly. Other products and props like yoga wedges, cushions and blocks are also available for performing various yoga exercises.

Pilates Mats

Pilates mats are slightly thicker in width than the standard yoga mats. Along with providing excellent grip these cushions are designed to provide cushioning to the body. Some specially designed pilates mats have a smooth top surface for easy glides between moves and a gripped surface for extra stability.

Yoga Mats

It is important to clean these mats after each use as these mats can be shared if provided by the facility. Also other props like pilates rings and spine corrector are available for your convenience.

Where to buy Yoga and Pilates Aids?

Health Products For You offers a wide range of yoga and pilates equipment for better yoga workouts. Get quality yoga products including yoga mats, yoga blacks, and yoga straps from our top manufacturers such as Aeromat, Ecowise, and CanDo, to name a few.

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