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Protein Powder: Do you really need them?  

The amount of protein that you require depends upon an individual’s body weight, their activity levels and health conditions (if any). Generally it is possible to get the protein we need from our diet. But for people with special dietary needs (people who practice weight training and people who want muscle gain) or health conditions (hypothyroidism, cancer, injuries or burns) a high protein diet is required. This gap can be filled by protein powders and protein shakes.  

Vegans and vegetarians may find it difficult to get enough protein from their diet. Protein powders can be helpful for them. Also if you are postpartum, have gone through a surgery recently or practice high intensity sports/exercise your nutrient needs can be higher than usual. Here’s where protein supplements prove to be useful.  

Protein powders also help in building muscle mass and improving athletic performance. They help you stay energetic during your exercise and also help in muscle repair post workout. Shop for best tasting protein powders from renowned manufacturers like NESTLE NUTRITION, OPTIMUM NUTRITION, CYTOSPORT and many more.  

Who should consider using protein powders?   

  1. Growing Teenagers: Growing individuals need more protein to fuel their body as it is still growing. Proteins support their growth and help them gain strength. 
  2. When you start a new workout regimen: For anyone who starts strength training or wishes to build a muscle protein powders help in gaining muscle mass and muscle recovery post intense training.  
  3. Recovering from a surgery or injury: Protein helps injuries to heal faster. It also helps in wound healing and providing the body with the extra energy that it requires while you heal.  
  4. Vegans and Vegetarians. The main sources of proteins include meat, chicken, eggs, dairy and eggs. If you do not wish to include these in your diet you can fill the gap using plant-based protein supplements.  

How much protein do you need daily?  

  1. For an average adult it is required to consume 0.8 gram protein per kilogram of body weight. 
  2. For active adults the protein requirement increases to 1.1 to 1.4 g per kg body weight.  
  3. Athletes that participate in ultra-endurance sports need about 2.0 g per kg body weight.  
  4. An active teenager needs 0.4-0.5 g of protein per pound of body weight.  

Your body breaks down the excess protein for energy. Note that excessive protein can be hard on kidneys. It can also be a cause of dehydration in teens and young adults.  

Where to buy best tasting protein powders online?  

At Health Products for You, we have assorted premium quality protein powders, protein shakes and ready-to-drink protein supplements that help athletes and gym enthusiasts’ gain muscle mass and cut down fat. Protein powders provides a quick and convenient way of increasing your protein intake. These protein shakes keep you full between meals and hence also help in weight loss. Buy best protein powders from trusted manufacturers like BSN, PESCIENCE LLC, GARDEN OF LIFE and many more at best prices and discounts.  

Protein Powders: Articles and Research 

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