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What are Pediatric Wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs designed for kids have a different set of features than those found in adult wheelchairs as children's needs are different from adults'. Pediatric wheelchairs often come in bright colors, playful designs, are lightweight, sleek, and adjustable. As kids grow fast, the growth adjustability is a significant feature that parents want in the wheelchair. This is the primary reason pediatric wheelchairs are designed with seat depth and width adjustability, elevating leg rests, and other features that offer the versatility that parents desire. HPFY offers you a wide range of versatile wheelchairs that your special ones will love.

What are the types of Wheelchairs for Kids?

Folding wheelchairs

These are highly portable wheelchairs that make an excellent option for children with changing set of needs. They are great to be stored in tight spaces and taken along with you on long or small trips. They are simple to use and come with in-built adjustments to grow with your child as they grow. Try the Drive Medical Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair for the changing needs of your child.

Rigid Wheelchairs

These are good for children who can propel the chair independently. These wheelchairs are easy to drive as they are lightweight and provide excellent balance while being highly responsive to exceptional performance. These wheelchairs are ideal for active children. These wheelchairs can be customized to accommodate the child's specific needs and come with built-in adjustment features.

Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs

These are designed for children with lower upper body control. They are designed to help correctly position the child to allow feeding, respiratory assistance, pressure reduction, and improved line of vision to such children. These wheelchairs can be customized with accessories that help position your child while sitting and make adjustments to let the chair grow with your child. Try the Convaid Rodeo Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair-Transit Model that provides a tilt feature and folds compactly for use at home or school.


These are designed for small children who are dependent and do not fit into a standard-sized wheelchair. These strollers come with knobby tires that are easy to maneuver on the curbs, in and out of shops, on uneven surfaces, and in public transportation. Caretakers can fold them compactly for storage or travel. Buy the famous Special Tomato Eio Push Chair for your child that provides all the needed support.

How to choose the right Wheelchair for Children?

While browsing for the right wheelchair, buyers are recommended to find answers of the following questions -

  • How to measure for a wheelchair?

    Buying the right size of wheelchair for your child is neessary to ensure they feel comfortable throughout the period of use. To check their size compatibility, you need to measure your child at the following body parts -

    • Measure Seat Width and Depth
    • Back Height
    • Seat Height
    • Footrest Height & Style
    • Select the Arm Type and Height
    • Weight Considerations
  • Do you need a folding wheelchair?

    For people who like to travel a lot or go outside all the time, it is recommended they choose a folding or a portable option which will allow them to easily pop it in the trunk.

  • How much support will you need?

    HPFY also offers speciality wheelchairs, i.e., tilt-in-space pediatric wheelchairs which help support your child's posture as they sit on it.

  • Are you at risk for pressure wounds?

    Wheelchair confined pediatrics are required to stay seated for long periods which tends to be a major cause for pressure injuries. Treatments are always available but it is best to take precautions before it is too late.

  • What accessories might you need?

    At HPFY, you can find a range of wheelchair accessories to choose from. Here are some recommendations which you might want to buy along with your choice of wheelchair -

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