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Caring for a patient is not just about giving a medical diagnosis and providing treatment; it involves the prevention and management of disease and caring for the overall wellbeing of the patient. Patient care supplies consist of various products used by healthcare professionals and home caregivers to treat a sick or aging patient. To provide patients the best possible care and with everything they require to be happy, safe, and comfortable, you will need the appropriate patient care products based on their individual needs

HPFY strives to provide overall patient welfare by bringing you a range of carefully chosen patient care supplies that patients need during their recovery at a discounted price. These affordably priced products provide support and convenience to the patients and the doctors, nurses, and caretakers in hospitals and homes. We offer patient care products that include diagnostics, diabetic supplies, patient safety products, enteral feeding, IV infusion, hospital supplies, infection control supplies, medical furniture, mattresses, pillows, and much more. Choose from the vast selection of patient care products designed to improve the patient’s quality of life and ensure comfort and increased independence. We are offering top-quality patient care supplies from trusted manufactures on sale, and the following are some of the products:


Diagnostic equipment helps patients and caregivers obtain diagnoses like measuring temperature, height, weight, etc., at home or hospital. HPFY offers affordable diagnostic products like thermometers, medical scales, glucose monitors, and much more from top brands.

Patient Safety

Patient safety products are developed to minimize the risk of patient harm and prevent falls. Choose from the range of patient safety products like soft helmets, gait belts, nonskid slippers, and much more at low prices.

Bed safety

We have bed safety products like bed rails for the safety and protection of seniors and patients sleeping alone.

Enteral feeding

Enteral feeding is employed when a patient cannot chew and swallow food, and a feeding tube is required to provide nourishment. We offer various types of feeding tubes that supply nutrients in a liquid form directly to the stomach when solid food cannot pass through the esophagus.


We provide cost-effective, top-quality mattresses for hospital and home beds that offer optimum patient comfort and restful sleep.


Scrubs are protective apparel worn by medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, health care facilities. HPFY offers the best quality scrub tops and scrub pants at low prices.