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What are patient transfer devices?

Patient transfer devices play an important role in providing smooth transfers for patients who have restricted mobility, are ill, and are unable to move unassisted. Or those who are bariatric and need help moving around. Manual lifting and moving is not advisable and may not be possible because of their health conditions or weight and keeping in mind the safety of the caregiver. Patient transfer aids are meant for safe patient handling and make this task easy and convenient. Using the appropriate patient transfer device can help to promote patient comfort, maintain their dignity, and prevent the risk of injury during transfers.

Types of patient transfer equipment

There are several types of patient transfer equipment designed to assist in transfers from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to commode, and vice versa. Each is designed to handle a specific patient type. Popular transfer equipment devices include gait belts, slide boards, walking belts, evac chairs, lifting cushions, and slider sheets.

  1. Gait Belts or Transfer Belts

    Those who are minimally dependent, of average weight, and cooperative can be moved around with the help of a transfer belt. These belts are placed securely around the waist of those with impaired mobility or those who require partial assistance when moving from one spot to another. This transfer device is ideal for patients who have difficulty holding because of size or patient discomfort. Belts used for assisted walking are referred to as gait belts. A buckle on the belt provides the caregiver with a secure hold on the patient.

  2. Transfer Boards and Slides

    • A transfer board is a helpful patient transfer equipment when moving someone with good arm strength and normal sitting balance. They are available in both plastic and wood and can bear huge amounts of weight. These patient moving devices are long and of full body length and bridge the gap between surfaces during transfer, for example, from a wheelchair or stretcher to a bed. Transfer boards have convenient hand holes for a steady grasp on the board, and some transfer boards have a non-skid pad on the bottom to increase stability. Also available are shorter-length transfer boards meant for lateral, seated-to-seated transfers. 

    • Transfer sheets are designed to help in repositioning patients and transferring patients horizontally on beds and chairs without having to lift them. A slick inner surface makes gliding over the sheet effortless and frictionless. 

    • Transfer systems with a circular seat on a track are suitable for repositioning patients in bed through a sliding transfer technology. The seat glides without friction and can rotate 360 degrees, making it easy for the patient to sit, turn, and move down the board.  

    • Pivot transfer devices allow the user to stand on the center of the pivot and swivel in any direction with or without help. Can be used for transfers both indoors and outdoors.

  3. Evacuation and Floor Recovery Products

    Evacuation and floor recovery products have been developed to help in the emergency evacuation of the elderly. Evac chairs are designed for the smooth transportation of a person down or up the stairs without requiring more than one person to do it. They are also easy to maneuver through narrow aisles or cramped areas.

    • Lifting cushions help a person who is bariatric or has impaired mobility and cannot be lifted from the ground, even by a caregiver. The deflated cushion is placed under the person who has fallen or is seated on the ground and then inflated. This gradually and smoothly lifts the person into a sitting position.  
    • Patient movers are employed to help in smooth transfers over uneven surfaces. They have built-in handles for ease of positioning and bridge gaps between transfer points.

Consider the level of assistance required for patient transfer

When transferring a patient, it is important to consider the level of assistance required. This can vary depending on the patient's mobility and physical abilities.

How do you choose the correct transfer devices for patients?

Where to buy Patient Transfer Devices Online?

Patient transfer aids reduce the stress associated with movement on the patient and the caregiver. HPFY offers a wide selection of superior quality patient transfer devices from respected and innovative manufacturers that include Sammons Preston, Safetysure, Mobility Transfer System, Skil Care Corp, and many more.

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Underpads/Bedpads are helpful to soak up any wetness that may occur as a result of accidental spills, leakage due to incontinence or spills during a bath or sponge routine.

Bed rails are equipment placed on the bedside that help the patient to sit up from a lying position, without much assistance. bed Ladders allow the patients with upper body strength to sit up on their own with a step by step motion as they hold on to the ladder handles

Absorbents, Solidifiers, Spill Containment, and Drain protection products help in cleaning chemical spills, and body fluid spills etc.

  • Disinfectants and Cleaners help in maintaining hygienic and clean environment. These include wipes, towelettes, sprays, dispensers, detergents and much more.
  • Different types of sanitizers, soaps and hand wash solutions aid in safe and germ-free procedures.

HPFY offers patient transfer aids like Gait belts, Patient Transfer belts with handles, Transfer Boards, Sliding Sheets, Evacuation chairs and other floor recovery products for safe patient transfers in home or in hospitals.