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Lancets and Lancing devices are used for the process of lancing, in which a small drop of blood is drawn out of the skin to test the blood glucose level. Lancet is a sharp object that helps in pricking the finger. A lancing device is used to hold the lancet. Usually, lancets are for single-use and lancing devices are for multiple use. They assist in accurately finding out the blood glucose level with the help of test strips and glucose monitors. Health Products For You offers a wide range of lancets and lancing devices from top-selling manufacturers like Owen Mumford, Roche Diagnostics, Lifescan, and many more.

Difference between Lancet and Lancing Device

A lancet and a lancing device are both used for obtaining a small blood sample for testing or monitoring purposes, but they are different in terms of their design and function.

How do Lancing Device and Lancets work together?

Although the lancet can be used to get a sample on its own, using the lancing system makes the process much simpler. The device provides a quick "punch" of the needle into the skin to make an easy and less painful stick. Each brand's device will be a little different, but the basic idea is the same.

  1. Before using Lancing Device, always wash your hands. It can cause a significant infection if you have bacteria on your hands and it enters your blood! First, with the safety cap still on, remove the cap off the unit and insert a new lancet. (You can poke yourself if it is removed first!) Do not twist it around as you insert the lancet. It should fit easily.
  2. To expose the needle, take the safety guard off of the lancet. This can easily be done by simply twisting the tiny circle and taking it off. Put the cap of the lancing device carefully without poking yourself.
  3. Most systems have different depths from which you can choose. This helps you to get a less painful finger stick. Select the depth that is best by twisting the limit to the appropriate amount, depending on your needs. Usually, children and those with thin skin would usually do better with the lower settings than those with thick or calloused skin. Unfortunately, the only way to find out which depth is best for you is by trial and error method. You need to find a depth that is the least painful and gets the right amount of blood for the glucometer. However, begin with the lower numbers to avoid any unnecessary pain.
  4. Slide the button on top of the device back until it clicks.  This loads the lancet so that, when prompted, it is ready to puncture. If it does not click, it may have already been pushed back and is ready to use.
  5. Press the unit along the fingertip evenly and firmly. Click the button and let the lance stick to you, and then pull the device away from your finger.
  6. Please wait until you've got a drop of blood before putting it in your glucose meter. Trying to give a sample that is not sufficient enough will cause an error on the system, and you would have to use another strip, which can be expensive and wasteful. You may need to "milk" your finger gently, which means pressing blood towards the puncture hole to make it bleed a little more. Once the sample has been put to the glucometer, apply pressure to the fingertip using a small piece of gauze or another absorbent cloth. You can then dispose of your used lancet properly.

Types of Lancets:

There are several types of lancets available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

How to select the Best Lancet for Diabetes?

When selecting lancet device for your needs, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key considerations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a lancing device to use lancets?

Many lancets can be used with a lancing device that helps to make it more effective and less painful, however, they can be used without one by just sticking the skin directly with the needle.

Are lancets and lancing devices reusable?

Some of them are designed for single-use only and should be disposed of after each use. Others may be reusable, but it is important to follow proper sterilization and safety procedures to prevent infection or injury.

Are all lancets the same?

All the lancets are not similar. Lancets have needles of various sizes. The smaller the needle, the less pain it takes to stick the finger. It is important to note that the larger the number for the needle's gauge, the smaller the size of the needle actually is.  Some lancets are made for children and some for adults. Also, several brands have lancets of their own that only operate with their devices.

Are test strips and lancets the same?

A blood sample is obtained by disrupting tissue with a lancet instrument. The blood sample is used by test strips to measure blood glucose levels.

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Frequently asked questions

Lancets must be changed each time you test your blood glucose. Lancets are designed for single-use only, and the more you use a lancet, the more it hurts. In order to reduce the risk of infection by using a new lancet each time you test.

No, Lancing devices should never be shared with anyone and are intended for single patient use only.

You can Lance your finger toward the sides of your fingertips, rather than in the middle to help reduce the pain of lancing. The sides of your fingertips have more blood vessels but not as many nerve endings. Given this, lancing on the sides usually does not hurt as much as it would in the middle of the fingertip.

You should Lance your finger deep enough to get an adequate amount of blood without pressing much. The depth may vary from finger to finger. The numbers on the lancing device will help indicate your depth setting: 5 being the deepest and 1 the lightest.

Yes. The expiration date is printed on the lancet package. After this sterilization is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

28 Gauge, 31 Gauge and 33 Gauge. The smaller the gauge number the thicker the needle – i.e. In this case a 28 Gauge lancet has a thicker needle than a 33 Gauge.