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Earphones or headphones are a pair of personal sound amplifying device designed to be held in place close to the ears of the users. They enhance the hearing experience of hearing-impaired people by increasing the volume of spoken words and sounds. These hearing aids produce sound by processing the electrical signals. Earphones or headphones can be worn covering the ears, or set inside the ears, or placed in front of the ears. The main features of amplified headphones for hearing impaired include attached microphones, bluetooth, noise reduction etc. They deliver great sound and are often used to boost the sounds of radio, television or conversational voices. 

HPFY offers a wide range of such earphones or headphones from popular manufacturers like Plantronics, Harris Communications, William Sound, Califone International, etc.

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There are different types of earphones or headphones available at HPFY, namely, monaural headsets, binaural headsets, noise/sound cancelling headphones, wireless/bluetooth headphones, around the ear headphones, ear buds in ear headphones and noise reduction earphones. They all incorporate some unique feaures which differentiate them from each other and help fulfil specific user rquirements. Some come with while others come without microphone. Some headphones even help in cancelling or reducing noise.

Types of Earphones or Headphones

Different types of hearing impaired earphones and headphones available at HPFY are briefly explained below:

Monaural Headsets

Monaural headsets constitute of a single earpiece and a microphone. These headsets are most suited in environments where there is a need to be aware of what is going on in the surroundings. Monaural headsets are specially made lightweight to make them easy to use and handle.

Binaural Headsets

Binaural headsets consist of a pair of headphones and a microphone. They are most suited for the situations where there is a need to focus on the conversation, ignoring the noise in the surroundings. Binaural headsets come in a variety of designs, out of which, over-the-ear type is most commonly used. Many models feature noise-cancellation to enhance the hearing experience of users.

Noise/Sound Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are designed to minimize the unwanted surrounding noise. They allow the users to listen to music without increasing the volume excessively. Noise-cancellation also helps a person to sleep in noisy environment.

Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones digitally encode audio using bluetooth technology and wirelessly transmit sound over short distances. They are great for outdoor use because they provide greater freedom of movement with fewer tangles.

Around the Ear Headphones

Around the ear headphones go around the ears and cover them completely. The way these hearing headphones are shaped improves the sound quality. They contain pads that encircle the ears to create a soundproof room. In this way, the ambient sound is filtered out and user gets high quality sound.

Ear Buds in Ear Headphones

Ear buds are designed to be placed on the outer area of the ear canal. They are known to block the outside noise, thereby allowing the users to hear what they actually want to hear.

Noise Reduction Earphones

Noise reduction earphones for hearing impaired completely cover the outer ear with noise reduction rating to minimize the damaging external noises. They are designed to be worn in areas where exposure to noise can be dangerous to users.