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Shower chairs are specially designed chairs for use by patients, the elderly, and bariatric individuals in the shower. These chairs make their bathing experience pleasant and comfortable and make life easy for the caregiver, too. Chairs for showering are lightweight, comfortable, and include safety features to ensure protection in the bath. These features include anti-slip handgrips, health-grade rust-proof material, suction cups for firm grip, sturdy construction, and more. Be sure to find shower chairs that will suit your individual needs at HPFY. Browse through our intensive catalog today!

Types of Shower Chairs

There are several types of shower chairs designed to cater to adults and children alike. The types include shower stools, shower bench, shower chair seats, commode shower chairs, mounted shower chairs, shower seats for bathtubs, removable shower seat, fold-away shower chairs, padded shower chairs, shower chair with arms, shower chair with/without back, bariatric shower chairs and also wheeled/rolling shower chairs.

  • Standard Shower Chair or Shower Bench - Standard shower chair or shower benches are basic shower chairs which come with or without backrest. They have slip-resistant rubber tips and adjustable seat height. Plastic shower chairs have firm and sturdily-built shower seats, while the teak shower benches are perfect for the shower room, steam room, or sauna. The standard shower chair or shower bench can fit even into narrow bath areas, taking up little space.
  • Shower Stools - Shower stools can be accommodated into small spaces and narrow shower stalls. Usually, without a backrest, these shower stools can fit into places where a shower chair will not go. Built to be sturdy and comfortable, the anti-slip tips or suction cups keep the shower stools firmly rooted to the floor of the bathtub or shower area. There are swivel shower stools and non-swivel shower stools.
  • Shower Chairs with Wheels - Shower chairs with wheels provide freedom to those with restricted mobility. These chairs are equipped with wheels that offer wheeled access to the shower or commode. There are rolling shower chairs, rolling commode and shower chairs, self-propelled shower and commode chairs, moving reclining shower and commode chairs, rolling shower chairs with seat belt, rolling shower, and transfer chairs, rolling shower chairs with an open-front commode seat, and more.
  • Folding Shower Chair - A safe and straightforward solution, fold away shower chairs are the standard variety with a folding option. They are lightweight and can easily be assembled without the need for tools. Folding shower chairs make for easy storage and portability.
  • Bariatric Shower Chair - Bariatric Shower chairs are specially designed items because they are built to accommodate a generous body weight. They have slip-resistant seats to ensure safety in the bath, anti-slip handgrips to allow for comfortable sitting down and getting up, and durable, rust-proof construction.
  • Pediatric Shower Chairs - Pediatric shower chairs are meant to make the bathing experience pleasant, safe, and stable for young ones. All sharp points are eliminated from the shower chairs, allowing secure patient transfers to and from the commode. Pediatric shower chairs are built to be lightweight, comfortable, and convenient. A rust-proof construction ensures protection from water while offering maximum support.
  • Shower Chairs without Backs - Shower chairs without backrests make maneuvering easy with quick and convenient storage and portability. These chairs are made of rust-proof material and have a sturdy framework.
  • Shower Chairs with Backs - Shower chairs with backrest are ideal for those who are weak or ill and need support in the bath. The backrest provides a comfortable and safe bathing experience.

Benefits of a Shower Chair

Shower chairs are ideal for those who find it difficult to stand and shower because of illness, frail health, or excess weight. Handicapped individuals will find bathing and showering a safe process with a shower chair. Pediatric shower chairs are specially designed for young children with limited mobility or unable to shower on their own because of some disability. The safety standards employed by these shower seats also make it convenient for the elderly who are apprehensive about slipping and falling in the shower area or toilet.

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