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Electric mobility scooters have been developed to provide independence to persons with restricted mobility. Elderly people and those with disabilities find it a convenient mode of transport. They are equipped with minimum functionalities so using these products is easy. Mobility scooters provide a comfortable and reliable approach to personal mobility offering a smart balance of style, performance and value. We offer a variety of 3-wheel electric scooters and 4-wheel electric scooters by different brands like Go-Go, Spitfire, Bobcat, Lite Rider, etc. They offer enhanced maneuverability, relaxed seating, adequate foot space and a smooth ride.

Types of Mobility Scooters

Three-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Three-wheel electric scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are smaller, narrower and are easily maneuvered around corners because they have a small turn radius. They are suitable for those who are tall or have knee pain because of the extended leg space design of these vehicles. They can be used outdoors but only on smooth surfaces.

Four-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Four-wheel electric mobility scooters are designed for outdoor use with their wider wheelbase and powerful motors. They are broader, tougher and safe for use on the roads with light indicators and horns. The scooter platforms are sturdy and stable. Four-wheel mobility scooters have the power and range required for outdoor travel with an advanced full suspension system. The Drive Medical Scout DST 4-wheel scooter uses a dynamic suspension technology with front and rear suspension coils for the smoothest and most comfortable ride on all terrains. These scooters are, however, not recommended for indoor use because of their wide wheelbase which makes narrow turnings difficult.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Heavy-duty scooters are designed to offer extra weight capacity, wide wheelbase, large tires, higher ground clearance and you can travel far with heavy duty scooters. These scooters are used for Bariatric Patients and come handy in rough and uneven terrain. EWheels EW-52 Four Wheel Heavy Duty Bariatric Scooter is the most powerful four-wheel scooter in the US sporting a 15 mph max speed and 500 lb weight capacity. And you can go far with a huge 45-mile range.

How to Choose a Power Scooter?

There are several types of electric scooters so which one to buy will depend on your requirement. Criterion on which you can base your decision may include:

For Indoor/Outdoor Use Or Both

Will you be using your scooter indoors or need it for travel outdoors? Or will it be used both indoors and outdoors? This is an important factor to consider because a vehicle for indoor use should be narrow so as to go around tight corners and down narrow corridors. An outdoor electric scooter should be built stronger and broader. There are 3-wheel electric scooters and 4-wheel electric scooters to choose from.


Will you be transporting your scooter quite often? If yes then portable mobility scooters or travel scooters are what you are looking for. These types can easily be disassembled into three to four pieces for stowing away into the trunk of a car for transportation. The heaviest parts of some vehicles do not go above 29 lbs. Since they can be folded, they are compact, less bulky and lightweight. They can also easily be carried on the plane. Usually such mobility aids are not meant for heavy-duty users because of their light framework. A new frame design allows Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3-wheel scooter to disassemble into five super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage.

Weight Capacity

If the scooter will be used by a heavy weight individual then you need to buy a heavy duty mobility scooter. We have scooters with a weight capacity that goes up to 400 lbs. Built to be sturdy and durable, these vehicles can go over very rough terrains. Keeping in mind the user, the seats are wider with bigger arm rests and foot rests.

By Brand

We carry top brands in 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric mobility scooters like Pride Go-Go, Pride Victory, Drive Spitfire, Pride Pursuit, Drive Bobcat and Golden Tech Lite Rider. They are designed to handle all types of use - driving around in the neighborhood, moving far from home and even for sporting activities like golf. 

The Drive King Cobra PGV executive scooter is a golfing scooter with a powerful motor, brakes and 6” wide turf tires which allows the vehicle to go over hills easily. It has a golf bag attachment. 

Mobility Scooters Accessories

You can accessorize your scooter with several user-friendly items that will make your ride complete. There are scooter baskets, scooter bags, scooter oxygen holders and cups, scooter sunshades and weather covers, scooter walker, cane and crutch holders and much more. 

  • Basket Liners They offers privacy and prevents small items from falling through.
  • Basket, Bag & Tote The basket allows the user to take personal belongings, groceries, books and much more anywhere with the scooters. The Bag attaches to the arm of the chair or scooter.
  • Cup & Oxygen Holder Cup holder attach to the handlebar of scooters to provide convenient access to cups, mugs, water bottles, etc. Oxygen holder allows user to carry their oxygen tank with them while scooting..
  • SunShade & Weather Cover Sunshade provides easy-to-install shade when traveling in your scooter outdoors. Weather covers are easy to use, lightweight water resistant covers which provide protection from sun and dust.

All 3-wheel power scooters and 4-wheel power scooters we offer are designed to be ergonomically enhanced and equipped with all features required for a smooth ride both indoors and outdoors. Individuals with limited strength and dexterity can easily handle these mobility scooters.

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