Hollister Premier One-Piece

Hollister premier One-piece pouching system are constructed to be used with colostomies and ileostomies. These pouches come with a flextend barrier that extend the wear time of this appliance while offering high resistance to erosion. They also provide a viewing option that allows the user to look into the pouch just by lifting the flap. These pouches open at the bottom for emptying and come with the Lock ‘n roll micro seal closure create a secure closure at the bottom of the pouch by utilizing plastic interlocking fasteners.

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Features of Hollister Premier One-Piece Ostomy Systems

  • Extended wear soft convex skin barrier (Flextend) 
  • Easy attachment of ostomy belt by Belt tabs 
  • Lock 'n Roll microseal closure 
  • Tape border 
  • Integrated filter 
  • Odor resistant pouch film
  • Comfort wear pouch panels 
  • Cut-to-fit or pre-cut 
  • Latex free

Hollister Drainable Pouching Systems

Drainable pouching systems are designed for use after an ileostomy or colostomy and can be opened at the bottom at the time of emptying. They come with the flextend barrier. These pouches come with the AF300 filter that allows for slow release and helps in deodorization of gas from the pouch thereby reducing odor. The ComfortWear pouch panels that come in a Soft, beige color help provide added comfort. Try the Hollister Premier One-Piece Extended Wear Convex Pre-cut Drainable Pouch With Remois Technology that is designed to protect the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

Hollister Closed Pouching Systems

These are one time use systems that are removed after use. These pouches are made to be used with a colostomy or in cases less frequent and predictable output. These pouches also come with the AF300 filter for odor control and ComfortWear pouch panels for added comfort. Try the Hollister Premier One-Piece Standard Wear Flat Cut-to-fit Transparent 7 Inches Mini Closed-End Pouch that is designed to provide superior comfort, odor control, and prevents pouch bulging.

Hollister Urosomy Pouching Systems

These special pouching systems are designed so that they can be connected to a bedside collector with the help of a tap located at the bottom of the pouch and an adapter. These systems come with an anti-reflux feature that minimizes the reverse flow of urine. Try the Hollister Premier One-Piece Extended Wear Convex Cut-to-fit Beige Urostomy Pouch which is suitable for retracted, recessed or flush stomas.