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Heat therapy is a great way to ease sprains, pain and discomfort due to injury or illness. Heat therapy, especially moist heat therapy utilizes hot packs, wraps, hot water bottles etc. to provide heat to the patient. But if you need to heat many hot packs at a single time heating units are must haves. Mostly sports training facilities and fitness centers utilize heating units for keeping packs warm. Some models of heating units come with wheels. They provide efficient heating and can be transported anywhere without much effort. At HPFY you will find heating units designed specifically for various purposes. Browse our range now!

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Types of Heating Units Available

We also have non electric lotion warming devices for keeping massage lotions and ultrasonic gels at a warm temperature. Bottle warmers come with a single, double or multiple bottle capacity. We also have bath warmers and hot pack heating units. Some units also come with a thermometer to display the temperature inside the unit. This feature helps you in maintaining the heating unit temperature for various applications. Special ultrasound gel warmers are also available to maintain the gel temperature at the optimum level. 

Types of Heating Units

Heating units are high-quality stainless-steel appliances that help keep hot packs warm and moist during heat therapy treatment sessions. We also have non-electric lotion warmers for keeping ultrasound gels and massage lotions at a warm temperature.


A unit that produces a constant and uniform temperature to heat steam packs is known as a hydrocollator unit. The units consist of a thermostatically controlled water bath to place bentonite-filled packs. The unit contains a wire rack that serves as a divider for the packs and prevents packs from contacting the bottom of the tank. All units have insulated bases, and the capacities of the machines vary. Hydrocollator is beneficial for heating the packs when a patient is referred for moist and penetrating heat therapy. Moisture speeds up the rate of heat penetration and into the skin layers and muscles to reduce the pain and relax the joints and muscles. The heat promotes the blood flow to the affected parts for a speedy recovery. Hydrocollators can be either stationary or mobile.

Chattanooga Hydrocollator SS-2 Mobile Heating Unit is a durable and easy-to-maintain stainless unit that gives a constant supply of temperature-consistent hot packs.

Ultrasound Gel Warmers

An ultrasound gel warmer is a device used to keep ultrasound gel bottles at a warm temperature. These gel warmers are primarily used to keep patients relaxed and comfortable since cold gel can cause discomfort. The ultrasound gel warmers are easy-to-use and come in different configurations, including single bottle and multi-bottle.

Whitehall Electric Bottle Warmer keeps ultrasonic gels and creams just above body temperature to ensure comfortable application.

Where to buy Heating Units for Hot Packs online?

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