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Feeding Tube Accessories

To administer enteral feeding accurately and safely, many accessories are required, in addition to tubes, bags, and pumps. People on enteral feed face many challenges in adapting to lifestyle changes. Good-quality and patient-friendly Feeding Tube Accessories can improve their quality of life.

Health Products For You offers a wide range of innovative, high-quality enteral feeding accessories uniquely designed to be used with enteral feeding devices. We have extension sets, nasal tube fasteners, feeding piston syringe feed trays, nasal dressing holders, connectors, backpacks and waist packs, wall chargers, de-clogging systems, and much more. Also available are irrigation kits with a clear-vu bulb syringe, convertible tabletop dust cover, small tube adaptor, clear poly bag, ID label, and square one-piece graduate. The line of accessories can help you make the right choice for your patient. These products are manufactured by our top brands, such as Kendall, Infinity, and Nestle Nutrition, to name a few.

What Are Enteral Feeding Accessories?

1. Extension Sets

Extension sets are designed to be used with all types of feeding tubes. It is also used for venting. One end of the extension set attaches to the feeding port of the tube, and the other attaches to the feeding source. Extension sets come in different sizes and configurations and may feature an Enfit or a Non-Enfit connector. MIC-KEY Extension Sets With ENFit Connector comes with an Enfit connector which allows a solid screw connection to the enteral feeding sets.

2. Nasal Tube Fastener

A nasal tube fastener is used to secure nasal enteral feeding tubes without using tape. The flexibility and dynamic adherence on the skin prevent skin irritation and tissue necrosis. Derma NG-Strip Nasal Tube Fastener is latex-free and can be used for hassle-free securement of the nasal enteral feeding tube.

3. Piston Syringe Feed Tray

This is designed for tube feeding and water flushing. It prevents hand slippage and contamination. It flushes out the residues, blocking the tube. Medline Enteral Feeding Piston Syringe has an elongated tip to facilitate tube feeding with an extra-large orifice for better removal of clots and mucous shreds.

4. Nasal Dressing Holder

The nasal dress holder replaces painful and irritating adhesive tape to secure nasal dressing. It is also easy to remove and replace, which makes dressing changes simple and painless. The hook and loop fastener tabs can be adjusted to fit any patient comfortably.

5. Spike Set

It is designed to increase patient safety and avoid misconnections with IV ports, which can cause serious health hazards. It has a designated purple enteral feeding port that is standard in the industry. Alcor Scientific Enteral Feeding I-Spike Set comes with a purple tip with an IV warning tag, which will not connect with the IV port and greatly reduces the risk of tubing misconnections.

6. Enfit Feeding Connector

EnFit feeding connector is designed to comply with ISO to reduce the risk of enteral feeding misconnections and improve patient safety. Its unique design is incompatible with connectors of other delivery systems, such as IV lines, catheters, etc. It has a female connector end for use with administration sets and syringes that fit into a male patient-access feeding tube port. Dale ACE Connector with ENFit Technology is a good example.

7. Declogging System

It is a ready-to-use system designed to break up enteral formula clogs in all types of enteral feeding tubes. It has ingredients like enzyme Cocktail, acids, buffers, anti-bacterial agents, and metal inhibitors, which loosen, break down, and dislodge the obstructive clogs to restore the patency of the feeding tube. The Corpak CLOG ZAPPER Enteral Feeding Declogging System safely zaps clogs in all types of feeding devices.

8. Enteral Waist Pack/Backpack

They are designed to carry feeding tube systems, pumps, and formula when going outside of the home. Nestle EnteraLite Infinity Mini Backpack can be used for that purpose.

Enteral Accessories FAQs

1. Do you need a prescription for a feeding tube?

Yes, you need a prescription for feeding tubes. Your doctor shall diagnose the need for a feeding tube and the duration of time the feed tube will be used. Doctors also prescribe the type of nutrition that must be fed by the tube.

2. Can I make my own tube-feeding formula?

Yes, one can make their own feed formula at home depending on their own taste and preferences. HPFY offers a wide range of enteral nutrition supplies. You can explore and pick yours.

3. What is bolus feeding?

Bolus feeding involves sending formula through the feeding tube using a syringe called a catheter syringe. A catheter syringe doesn't have a needle; it has a hole with a plunger in it. Bolus Feeding may also be called syringe or gravity feeding since it holds up the syringe and allows the formula to flow down using gravity. Most people take a “meal” or bolus of formula about every three to four hours.

4. How to do bolus feeding?

Where to Buy Enteral Feeding Accessories Online?

We at HPFY offer all kinds of enteral feeding accessories to facilitate the delivery of enteral nutrition from top manufacturers like Kimberly-Clark, Applied Medical Technology, Covidien/Medtronic, Dale, and many more. Shop with us for attractive discounts.

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