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What is TENS Unit Pads?

TENS Unit Pads are an important part of an electrotherapy machine. They help provide electrical contact between the patient and the electrotherapy machine. Medical electrodes are soft pieces of fabric with adhesive on one side and a metal connection on the other side. They are responsible for transferring the gentle electrical impulses from the machine through the skin to the nerve endings. They are used with electrotherapy units, defibrillators, and ECG/EKG machines in hospitals, clinics, and homes. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit the patient's unique needs.

HPFY offers a host of varying types of electrodes that are of unparalleled quality and service life. You may choose from PigTail electrodes, electrodes with aloe, carbon stimulating electrodes, neurostimulation types, iontophoresis electrodes, and galvanic self-adhesive ones from top manufacturers like Covidien, Bodymed, Biomedical Life Systems, and many more. Both disposable and reusable varieties are available at great prices!

How to place Electrode Pads?

Where should you not put TENS Electrodes?

Care should be taken while attaching electrodes to the skin. Ensure that the machine is switched off before placing them. Electrotherapy pads should not be placed on certain areas of the body, including:

How often should you replace the Electrodes?

Electrode pads usually need to be replaced every one to two months or 20-30 uses. However, the quality of your electrodes is a strong indicator of how long they will last. Lower quality pads may not last that long and need changing more often. The length of time you use the machine will also impact how long your pads will last. Over time, the adhesive on the TENS pads rubs off, and the fabric becomes worn, which indicates that it is time to replace the pads with a new one.

Things to remember while using Electrode Pads

What are Defibrillator Pads used for?

Automated external defibrillators (AED) are small, portable medical devices that deliver an electric shock to help restore a normal heart rhythm when someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest. A normal electrical rhythm through the heart is essential for the heart muscles to contract and pump blood to the body. Defibrillator pads are an essential part of an AED which creates a connection between the patient and the AED. The pads are placed on the patient's bare chest to allow the electric current to pass through to the heart to restore the heart's normal electrical current. Philips Healthcare SmartPads Defibrillator Electrode Pad can be used for various age groups like infants, adults, and children.

What are ECG Electrodes?

An ECG is a medical test used to evaluate and diagnose possible heart ailments. An ECG electrode is a conductive pad that helps detect electrical impulses produced every time the heart beats. During the ECG procedure, ECG electrodes are placed on certain parts of a person’s body, usually the arms, chest, and legs. McKesson Resting ECG Tab Electrodes are aggressive full surface conductive hydrogel adhesive. It contains silver or silver chloride sensors for quality traces.

Buying Guide for TENS Unit Replacement Pads

Connection type

When buying TENS pads, the connection type of your machine should be compatible with the new pads. The two most common types of connectors are pigtail and snap. Furthermore, some devices have special proprietary fittings and do not accept universal fit electrodes.

Sizes and shapes

TENS machine replacement pads come in various sizes. Additionally, they come in a wide range of shapes like round, square, butterfly, strips, etc. The pad should be large if the user wants to use it for the back or leg. A small pad will do if one needs to use it near the neck, wrist, etc.


The electrode pads should have strong and self-adhesive glue on them. The glue should provide strong adhesion without leaving any residue after removal. The adhesive gel should last for longer use and should not catch dirt easily.


Good quality electrodes should be comfortable when in use. The best gels tend to be more compatible with the skin and less likely to cause an adverse reaction. The thicker the gel and

the pads indicate a good quality pad that is less likely to cause a reaction or burning sensation and offers effective pain relief.

How to care for Electrode Pads?

Where to buy Medical Electrode online?

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of high-quality electrotherapy pads from leading manufacturers like Axelgaard, Pain Management, North Coast Medical, etc., at affordable prices. You can try our top-selling electrode pads like BodyMed Fabric-Backed Self-Adhering Electrodes, FabStim Self-Adhesive Tens Electrodes, Axelgaard PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes, etc. Place your order today!

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Frequently asked questions

Usage of Electrodes or electrotherapy pads vary depending on skin condition, skin preparation, storage and climate. The effectiveness electrodes declines substantially with each successive use. Excessive use of electrodes (beyond 2-4 times) can decrease the effectiveness of the therapy.

Overuse of electrodes can lead to skin irritations.

Clean the skin of any dirt or moisturizer before applying the electrotherapy pads to extend the life of the pads.

Check that the protective plastic covering the pads has been removed. Electrode pads are water activated, dip your fingers into water and rub onto each pad. Stick the pads immediately to your skin while they are still wet.

The Electrotherapy pads must be moist and sticky to work. If not so, they will produce a weak and stinging sensation. Worn out pads may also produce a stinging sensation.