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What is CPAP Mask used for?

Nasal masks for CPAP therapy are designed to provide proper respiration at night to prevent the airway from collapsing. These masks provide effective therapy without covering the entire nose. The need for a light and adaptive nasal mask is a crucial one.

At HPFY you can browse from a wide range of full face masks, CPAP nasal masks and CPAP nasal pillows for an effective CPAP therapy session. We carry CPAP masks for side sleepers, readers, or television watchers to carry on their activities without any obstruction from the mask.

CPAP Masks types

1. Full Face Mask

These masks are the most commonly used by mouth breathers and for patients with congestion due to cold and allergies. But patients are hesitant to use these masks due to the large size in relation to other types of interfaces. CPAP interface providers have made a lot of advancement in the field by designing masks that are light and comfortable. The newer masks like the Respironics FitLife Total Full Face CPAP Mask are more durable and made from high quality materials to reduce the occurrence of skin irritation due to rubbing at night.

2. CPAP Nasal Masks

Nasal masks come in silicone, gel or fabric types. These masks extend from the triangke of the nose to the supper lip. This design allows air to directly enter the nose. A four point headgear is used to hold this mask in place. These masks are good for people who breathe through the nose at night. You might need a chin strap with your interface in case you sometimes use your mouth to breathe. A properly fitting mask like the Respironics Nuance Gel Nasal Pillow Mask should not cause irritation by rubbing on to the skin. Mask cushions must be replaced every three months to avoid leakage or uncomfortable fit. Wash the mask daily for hygiene purposes.

3.A CPAP Nasal Pillows

Nasal pillows seal under the nostrils or nares with the help of a soft pillow. These type of masks are held in place with a headgear. The mouth is not sealed in this case. Nasal pillow systems like the Respironics Nuance Gel are held in place by a headgear. This type of mask is preferred by people who do not like putting too much weight on their face or who feel claustrophobic. 

Factors to consider when buying the Best CPAP Mask

CPAP masks come in various styles and sizes to comfortably treat obstructive sleep apnea. You can try a few CPAP mask styles before you find the one that works the best for you. The selection of the best CPAP mask may depend on the following factors:

Where can I buy CPAP Masks online?

Health Products For You carries the best CPAP masks in many styles and sizes to cater to the needs of the users. We supply sleep apnea masks from top manufacturers like Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, AG Industries, and more at the best prices. You can opt for the auto-order program for hassle-free delivery of all your respiratory supplies to your doorstep.

Read more about CPAP Mask Types

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Frequently asked questions

You should wash your CPAP mask on a daily basis with warm water and a mild soap. Washing your face before going to bed can also enhance the lifespan of the mask.

Avoid leakage of the CPAP mask by first tightening the bottom straps of the mask firmly and keeping the top straps loose. Hold up the mask in its position. Then connect the CPAP machine to the mask and turn it on.

The different types of CPAP masks available include:

Nasal CPAP mask 

Nasal CPAP mask is comprised of a durable plastic frame that supports a soft nasal pillow which is attached to the headgear. Nasal masks are less bulky and can attain higher CPAP pressure without causing any discomfort.

Full face CPAP mask 

Full face CPAP mask covers both the nose and mouth. It prevents loss of air and drying of the throat and nose.

Nasal pillow CPAP mask 

Nasal pillow CPAP mask is smaller in size and has two flexible pieces similar to a mushroom cap. It comprises of plastic inserts similar to headphone ear buds which directly slip into nostrils. The prescribed pressure used to keep airway open is provided through the mask.

  • Unplug the CPAP machine
  • Disconnect the mask from CPAP tubing and if mask has headgear, detach it
  • Remove tubing and humidifier if connected with the CPAP machine
  • Take a cloth, wet it with warm water and gently wipe the external surface of the CPAP unit
  • Fill a tub with warm water and add a small amount of antibacterial soap
  • Dip the mask and headgear tubing within the warm water and let it soak for about 30 minutes
  • Wipe the mask with cloth and warm water, clean tubing with soapy water
  • Let all the components air dry on a towel
  • After air drying, reassemble all the components
  • Switch on CPAP machine and listen out for air leaks

With proper care on a regular basis, a CPAP nasal pillow could last from 3 to 6 months. The life of a mask is dependent on use, oils from the skin as well as cleaning. It is recommended to inspect the mask on a routine basis as poor care can adversely affect the fit of the cushion.