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Walking Canes for Sale - Folding, Adjustable & Bariatric Canes

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What is Walking Cane?

A cane is an assistive device that aids people who need mild to moderate support while walking due to pain, injury, or weakness. One may need it for long-term use or while recovering from surgery or a stroke.  

The walking cane keeps pressure off the lower leg or hip that is weak or painful and improves balance by increasing the base of support, allowing you to walk safely and steadily. At HPFY, we bring you a wide range of walking canes for sale from top-selling brands and manufacturers to help maintain balance, especially if they have problems with stability or are at risk of falling. 

When to use a Walking Stick? 

You should consider using a walking cane if you

Canes are available in wide varieties and designs to meet the diverse needs of users. HPFY offers a wide assortment of canes for sale, including adjustable, folding, quad, standard, bariatric, and many more. Choose the one that best suits your requirements today! 

Components of a Medical Walking Cane 

Types of Canes 

  1. Single Point Cane/Standard Cane: It is the most common type of cane available. Single-point cane enables users to make better contact on the surface with each step making it easier to keep a stable balance. One can walk with it faster than other models, and it is ideal for those with arthritis and minor mobility issues. 
  2. Quad Cane: Also known as a 4-prong cane, a quad cane has a broad rectangular base and four feet, providing greater balance and safety. It is typically recommended for people with more complex impairments and walking difficulties. Also, ideal for those who are prone to falling and slipping. It is important to note that the wider the base of the cane, the more stability it provides. 
  3. Folding Cane: As the name suggests, it folds for travel and easy storage. The lightweight and compact design makes it fit in a handbag or other small storage space. Folding canes are ideal for active people who are always on the go. 
  4. Adjustable Cane: It is height adjustable to fit users of all heights. Adjustable cane has two or more shaft pieces for a telescoping effect allowing the user to lengthen or shorten their walking cane. 
  5. Walking cane with seat: It has an attached seat that can be unfolded whenever needed. Seat canes are an excellent option for those who get tired frequently and cannot walk long distances. 
  6. Bariatric Cane: It offers more stability than standard canes. Bariatric canes are made up of strong metals and alloys for added strength to support heavier individuals. 
  7. Blind Cane/White Cane: A blind cane is designed for people who are blind or visually impaired to navigate the world around them safely and independently. It provides the user the ability to assess the immediate surroundings. 

Benefits of using a Cane for Walking  

How to use a Cane for Walking?

For beginners, learning to walk with a cane can take some time before getting used to it. The following tips may help you: 

Where to buy a Cane Online? 

Canes can be valuable walking aid for people with arthritis, balance issues, risk of falling, and pain or weakness in the hips, knees, or feet. Health Products For You carries high-quality walking canes for sale from industry leaders like Mabis DMI, Graham-Field, Drive Medical, etc., at affordable prices. Shop now to walk with ease and safety. 

Articles on Walking Canes 

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The 5 Best Walking Canes for Seniors [2024]

A cane for walking supports a person's agility, stability, and gait. A walking cane also reduces knee pressure. Folding canes are often used while recovering from surgery or an injury. Find the best walking canes at HPFY


Choosing The Best Walking Cane

Walking canes are the most common mobility aids used by seniors and people with mobility issues. They are simple, convenient, inexpensive, and also offer a variety of benefits, but do you know how to pick the one that serves you


How to Walk with a Cane?

Shweta Chaubey Mar 17,2022

Canes are extremely valuable mobility devices. They assist with walking safely when one is dealing with serious pain, injury, or weakness. One may use a cane while recovering from surgery or a stroke. Seniors may need to use walking canes


Frequently asked questions

How much a cane will last varies greatly depending on the customer, the pressure put on the cane (light or heavy duty), and the number of mile/kilometres walked all contribute to this measure and have an impact on the wear and tear of the cane. In general a graphite cane will last twice as long as an aluminium cane.

Tip life is depends on usage of the cane. Life expectancy is a combination of mileage and the surface the cane is used on.

Correct height of a cane is when the cane handle reaches the wrist bone. Standing upright with both arms relaxed at your sides and wearing the shoes that you normally wear, measure from the floor to your wrist bone.

A quad cane has four legs, and offers a wider base and greater stability when compared to single platform models.

Types of canes include:
  • Adjustable Canes
  • Folding Canes
  • Quad Canes
  • Standard Canes
  • Bariatric Canes
  • Seat Canes
  • Canes for Visually Impaired
  • Retractable ice-tip cane

Most walking canes are made of Aluminium as it makes them lightweight and easy to carry for the elderly and those with limited strength, but they are still really strong.

Folding canes are great for travelling. It is a favorable option when you do not always require a cane, it can easily be folded and put into the trunk or a suitcase. While in a flight or car you can always fold and keep them aside.

Folding canes are great for travelling. It is a favorable option when you do not always require a cane, it can easily be folded and put into the trunk or a suitcase. While in a flight or car you can always fold and keep them aside.

Quad canes offer extra support and stability due to the four rubber capped feet in its bottom. It is also free standing which is an added advantage.