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What is an Abduction Pillow?

An abduction pillow is designed to keep the limb or other body parts away from the center of the body. The abduction pillow is commonly used following hip injury or surgery to keep the hips straight and stable and help facilitate healing. These pillows are intended for use in bed.  

The hip abduction pillow is a sort of foam triangle placed between the thighs and attached to the legs with soft straps. The patient often requires sleeping with the abduction pillow to prevent rolling and turning, which can cause damage to newly-healing tissues.  

Likewise, a shoulder abduction pillow holds the shoulder in an elevated position and away from the body to facilitate healing after trauma or surgery, such as rotator cuff repair. 

HPFY offers a wide array of abduction pillows that keep your legs apart and prevent your legs from moving to aid recovery. We also carry a huge collection of wedge pillows in different shapes and sizes that help you overcome various health conditions from top manufacturers like Core Products, Skil Care, OPTP, and many more. 

Why use a Hip Abduction Pillow after hip replacement? 

Several kinds of hip injuries and surgeries may require patients to keep their legs still, but one of the most common is hip replacement surgery. During hip replacement, the worn-out hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint.  

Since the patient's new joint can be easily injured by too great a hip rotation, doctors recommend that patients use a pillow designed specifically for abduction. The abduction pillow helps keep your hips straight and prevent your hip from turning in or away from your body to keep everything properly aligned.  

Sometimes the patient may require the pillow during the daytime, depending on the nature of the injury or surgery. You might need to use a Hip Wedge Pillow for some time, as directed by the doctor. Rolyan Abduction Pillow can keep the hip from moving out of place during recovery. 

What is a Wedge Pillow? 

A wedge pillow is typically a triangular pillow that keeps certain parts of the body elevated to improve circulation, help ease certain medical conditions, and aid in better sleep. The pillow wedge can alleviate various health issues like snoring, sinus pressure, and acid reflux.  

One may use the triangle pillow wedge for sitting comfortably on the bed to watch television or read a book. Bed wedges come in various sizes and are made from different materials. 

Benefits of Positioning Wedge Pillow

People with various health issues can benefit from a triangle pillow wedge. The following are the uses of the foam wedge: 

Types of Wedges for Bed Positioning

Wedge pillows vary in shape, material, and purpose, and they may include the following: 

1. Flat wedge pillow  

A flat wedge pillow has a flat bottom and a sloped or contoured top. The flat pillow is beneficial for back sleepers and those who want to use it under their legs. 

2. Contoured wedge pillow 

A contoured wedge pillow has a curved surface that might benefit side sleepers as it keeps the spine aligned and relieves pressure in the neck, shoulders, and spine. 

3. Memory foam wedge pillow 

A memory foam wedge pillow is the most popular pillow because it withstands weight while maintaining its shape. It conforms well to the shape of the body. Some wedge pillows are made entirely of memory foam, and some use a 1-2 inch layer of memory foam on top of the support foam for pressure relief. 

4. Polyfoam wedge pillow 

Polyfoam wedge pillows are firm and bounce back to shape as soon as the pressure is released. So, these wedge pillows may not conform well to the body contours like a memory foam wedge pillow. 

People with certain conditions might find polyfoam wedge pillows helpful for their firmness and support. Women can use it as a pregnancy wedge pillow. 

How to choose the Best Wedge Pillow? 

1. Size of the bed wedge pillow

Wedge pillow comes in various sizes. Choose a size based on your height and weight, bed size, and any condition you want to relieve. 

2. Shape of the foam wedge

 Typically wedge pillows are triangular in shape with a gradual slope. However, they can differ in size and construction. Some wedges have a contoured surface to help relieve pressure and target areas like the neck and shoulders, whereas others are completely flat on each side. 

3. Material of the bed wedge

Pillow wedge comes in a variety of materials like foam, polyester fiberfill, or a mix of both. Memory foam may be the right choice if you are looking for pressure relief since the material conforms to the body shape. Latex foam is cooler than memory foam; you can consider it if you have no latex allergies. 

If you plan to use the wedge pillow nightly, select the one made with high-quality material so that it will not sag and maintain its shape with consistent use. Make sure that the cover material is breathable and comfortable. 

5. Incline of the wedge pillow

Most bed wedges have a height of 6 to 12 inches or 30 to 45 degrees incline. A lower incline of the wedge pillow is often preferred by sleepers who use them under their knees and legs. Medium inclines are useful for people with acid reflux or sleep apnea, and a higher incline can be beneficial for people who plan to use the pillow for sitting up in bed. 

6. Firmness of the pillow wedge

Most wedge pillows are medium firm to firm. If you are a back sleeper, you should go for a firm pillow. Medium firm wedge pillows sink a little and are comfortable for side sleepers. 

Best Bed Wedge Pillow at HPFY

Where to buy an Abduction Wedge Pillow online?

Health Products For You carries high-quality hip abduction pillows that support the hip joint during hip rehabilitation. We have a huge collection of body pillows, face pillows, pregnancy wedge pillows, acid reflux pillows, leg wedge pillows, and many more from top manufacturers like Patterson Medical, Geneva Healthcare, Span America, etc. Shop now and have a good night's sleep. 

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