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Oxygen concentrator filters are devices placed within the oxygen concentrator to keep the machine running in a systematic and pristine manner. An oxygen concentrator pulls air inside and using the filter creates breathable oxygen for the user. Thus the oxygen concentrator filter is an important part of the oxygen concentrator as it not only helps in creating pure oxygen but also keeps the concentrator clean and up to the mark. The example is Invarecare HEPA Filter.

Benefits of Oxygen Concentrator Filters

  • Allows for greater and better production of pure oxygen for consistent therapy
  • Increases the life of the oxygen concentrator and enhances the performance of the machine
  • Easy to clean and maintain, thus ensuring better quality of oxygen
  • Available in different options for compatibility with all kinds of oxygen concentrators

How to Clean Oxygen Concentrator Filters?

It is important to clean your oxygen concentrator filter as contaminated or dirty filter might damage the machine or hinder its performance.
  • Remove the Filter – Remove the gross particle filter (looks like sponge) from the side or the back of the unit. Make sure that you remove the filter while the machine is completely turned off. Also, do not use the machine without a filter as it can damage the machine and might also cause complications for the user.
  • Rinse with Water and Soap – Use warm water to gently rinse the filter. Once you completely rinse the filter, and then add soap to disinfect the filter. Make sure that you use a soap that is compatible with the material of the filter. Soap with gently action is enough to clean the filter. Once you have massaged the filter with soap, gently rinse it once again with warm water.
  • Inspect and Dry – Before putting it to dry you should inspect the filter for tears, holes, or crumbling patterns that might signify damage to the filter. If it’s damaged then you might have to replace it, if not then let it dry and once it is completely dry you can insert it into the concentrator.

Where to Buy Oxygen Concentrator Filters Online?

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