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Medical tapes, also sometimes referred to as surgical tapes, have a variety of applications in wound care. They secure dressings and bandages onto a wound and hold catheters and drainage lines in place. They are conformable, soft and come with a strong adhesive quality ensuring safe use in critical taping situations. We carry a wide range of surgical or medical tapes with miscellaneous usage. Because tapes use an adhesive which could have an allergic effect on the user, it is important to understand what you could be allergic to and then pick the right tape. Surgical tapes are available in a variety of lengths, widths, and styles as per varying bandaging requirements as well as skin sensitivity needs.

When to use Medical Tapes

  • Securing a secondary dressing: Securing a secondary dressing is the most common use of medical tape. Select a tape with a strong enough adhesion to protect the dressing adequately but nothing too strong for the skin's sensitivity level.
  • High Exudate Wound: Make sure you pick a tape with certain absorption properties if you have a wound with high exudate (a bunch of stuff coming out). There are slightly absorbent foam tapes. Some transparent dressings also incorporate some absorption and act as a wound barrier.
  • While Swimming and Showering: choose a waterproof tape for swimming and showering. There are many different waterproof tape styles, such as zinc oxide, transparent tape, and elastic tape.
  • Surgical: Several medical tapes are classified as surgical tapes. They come in paper, cloth clear and foam tape styles. 3M Transpore Tape and 3M Microfoam Tape are one of the popular surgical tapes available on HPFY.
  • Sports: Sports tapes comes in few styles - wrap, kinesiology tape, and padding tape.
    • Wraps are intended to apply light compression to a specific area. Wrapping can decrease injuries-related swelling and discomfort.
    • Kinesiology is a branch of sports medicine that allows muscle groups to be taped in a specific way,  As well as avoiding muscle exhaustion in athletes. Kinesiology tape is suitable for physical therapy applications.
    • Padding tape is an adhesive tape intended as a second skin layer to protect against injuries. Use in areas that are prone to injury.

How To Choose Your Medical Tape?

Deciding which medical tape is for you will involve factors such as the usage type, sensitivity and allergies. There are different types of medical tapes that may vary in terms of material, properties and usage. You can choose from the following:

Hypoallergenic Tapes

Hypoallergenic tapes are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Make your selection from silk-like cloth hypoallergenic tape, transparent plastic tape, soft cloth tape, paper tape, porous tape, silicone tape, foam tape, plastic tape and waterproof tape. These products expose the user to minimum risk of an allergenic reaction.

Cloth Tapes

Cloth tapes have a cloth backing and some of them offer gentle compression on the injury. Cloth tapes are generally used to secure ventilation tube and intravenous lines and may also be used to tag scrubs and other devices.

Waterproof Tapes

This type may be single- or double-sided tape and is water resistant. Using a waterproof medical tape enables prevention of water from seeping through the bandage and into the wound. It also prevents fluid from the wound to escape through the bandage and to the outer area. Especially useful when swimming and showering.

Paper Tapes

Paper tapes have pores which make them breathable and ideal for quick healing of sensitive skin. Also known as micro pore tape, this type is ideal for application on elderly people and in cases where wounds need frequent dressing changes.

Elastic Tapes

Because of their elasticity, elastic tapes are highly conformable and offer multi-directional stretch. They offer the stretch required for dynamic pressure dressing, promote patient comfort and accommodate swelling.

Surgical Tapes

Surgical tapes provide secure adhesion and are designed for compression applications, specialist application and for dressing hard-to-reach areas. They are available in cloth, paper, elastic and foam. Surgical tapes are suitable for securing dressings, IV tubing and catheters, stabilizing body parts, etc.

Transparent Tapes

Transparent tapes allow the wound to be viewed and reviewed without removal of the tape. Suitable for holding facial dressings, IV tubes and catheters, these clear medical tapes are permeable from inside therefore breathable.

Dressing Retention Tapes

Dressing retention tapes are designed to hold primary dressings, like gauze and foam, in place. They also hold catheters, cannulas and IV tubing in place. A dressing retention tape stretches for easy application, is breathable and highly conformable.

Sports Tapes

Sports tapes are meant to provide high tensile strength and strong support to active persons. Strong adhesive is used which leaves behind minimal residue. Multi-purpose in nature, sports medical tapes are easy to tear.
Our range of wound care tapes are from trusted manufacturers like 3M, MedlineMckesson, Reliamed, Covidien/Medtronic, Bsn Medical, etc. Choose a tape that is breathable and keeps your skin healthy. The 3M Kind Removal silicone tape has silicone adhesive which is ideal for sensitive skin and does not stick to the gloves or to itself. The tape removes cleanly without any trauma.

Where to buy Medical Tapes online?

At HPFY, you will find various types of Medical Tapes from top leading manufacturers such as Medline Industries, 3M, BSN Medical, and McKesson.

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