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Relaxation & Leisure Aids are used to relax mind and body and help create an active life style. They allow anyone with limited physical ability to take part in recreation and leisure activities more easily. Relaxation aids have an overall positive impact on the personality of users and keep them tension-free. Health Products For You provides a wide range of relaxation and leisure aids like armchairs or loungers, sleep sound therapy system, swimming leisure aids, eye masks, allergy alert bracelets, etc. They are designed by some popular manufacturers including Swimline, AllerMates, Sound Oasis, Earth Therapeutics and many more.

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Types of Relaxation & Leisure Aids

  • Armchairs or Loungers: Armchairs or loungers are used for sitting comfortably and relaxing. They are portable and can be easily taken outdoors to enjoy weekend suns, see kids play soccer, relax while cooking on the grill and more. 

  • Sleep Sound Therapy System: Sleep Sound Therapy Systems provide therapeutic sound experience to users and soothe tinnitus. They have multiple settings which can be changed according to the mood. These sound therapy systems block out irritating noises and help users sleep faster and have a high quality of sleep. 

  • Swimming Leisure Aids: Swimming Leisure Aids provide users a relaxing experience in pools. Aids like floating mattresses can be used to relax on the water surface with complete head to toe support. 

  • Eye Masks: Eye Masks are designed to provide relaxation and relief from stress, headaches and sinus related problems. 

  • Allergy Alert Accessories: Allergy Alert Bracelets and Dog Tags are used to indicate what type allergy, children wearing these bracelets have and give some peace of mind to parents and caregivers. They are cool and fashionable accessories used for kids of age 3 years and up.