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What is Ostomy Skin Barrier?

An ostomy skin barrier, also known as an ostomy wafer, is a piece of medical equipment with a hole that fits around the stoma to protect it from stoma output. The skin barrier is also referred to as a flange, device, or appliance.

The ostomy wafer plays the most important role in the pouching system as it holds the ostomy pouch in place and protects the sensitive peristomal skin. Furthermore, it provides a level pouching surface. In a 2-piece system, the wafer is separate from the pouch, whereas they are combined in a 1-piece system. An ostomy barrier usually lasts roughly a week before needing to be changed.

HPFY strives to provide all that an ostomate needs to lead a normal life. We take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality skin barriers for stoma protection from top brands like New Image, Assura, Sur-Fit, etc., at an affordable price, not increasing any burden on your pockets.

Types of Ostomy Wafers

The ostomy skin barriers vary based on the openings like cut-to-fit, pre-cut, and moldable.

Cut-To-Fit Ostomy Barrier: Cut-to-fit flanges come in varying sizes printed on them that function as a guide to cut them as per your unique stoma size. You can make an oval, circle, or any kind of shape you require to fit your specific stoma. This is ideal for those who are in between sizes or have an irregular-shaped stoma. It is good to buy an ostomy skin barrier at least 1/2" larger than the widest diameter of your stoma, and if you do not find the size you need, then opt for the next size. Hollister New Image Flat Cut-to-Fit Flextend Ostomy Skin Barrier includes a floating flange that allows fingers to be placed under the flange to help reduce pressure on the abdomen when attaching a pouch.

Pre-Cut Ostomy Barrier: Pre-cut wafers are available in various sizes to accommodate your stoma, and you do not have to cut them. Pre-cut wafers can be boon to you if your stoma fits into the size they offer, as these can save a lot of your time. These may not be ideal for you if your stoma is not evenly round or of a standard size. Coloplast Sensura Mio Click Flat Standard Pre-Cut Skin Barrier fits individual body shapes due to the elastic adhesive and stays discreet because of its neutral-grey textile material.

Moldable ostomy barriers: Moldable wafers are designed with flexible material which molds and fits around your stoma providing a close fit. The process of molding the wafer is called “turtle necking” and it provides additional protection from leaks decreasing skin complications and enhancing patient comfort. They can be worn for an extended period. Ostomy barriers are also designed to be standard-wear and extended-wear based on the wear time.

Standard wear: These are best suited for colostomy patients as they are designed more for formed stool. They can withstand wear for up to 5-7 days.

Extended wear: These are apt for people who have had ileostomy or urostomy as they have greater resistance to urine and liquid stool and allow for longer wear times. They are designed to provide greater protection from stoma output and skin irritation.

Furthermore, skin barriers can be flat or convex.

Flat Skin Barrier: As the name suggests, the flat skin barrier lies flat on the skin without any bulge and is apt for those with regular-shaped stoma eliminating excess pressure on the tender area.

Convex Skin Barrier: A convex barrier comes with a protrusion on its back. These are suitable for those with irregular stoma shape and skin contours as they provide a more secure seal and better wear time.

Ostomy Wafer Buying Guide


Size is the most important prerequisite for a wafer to work properly. It should properly fit around the patient’s stoma. You can choose between cut-to-fit, pre-cut, and moldable skin barriers and see which one works better for you. If your stoma is round and the size is not changing, consider pre-cut skin barriers; whereas your stoma is oval and the size is still changing, you can consider cut-to-fit skin wafers.


The ostomy wafer must be flexible enough to move with the body as and when the patient flexes the abdomen.


Another important feature should be that the wafer should be easily removable, which can reduce the amount of time required for the patient to replace it.


Fecal matter contains a lot of enzymes that can weaken the integrity of some of the plastics and sealants. So, the ostomy wafer must be erosion-resistant to withstand the exposure of stoma output.

Where to buy Skin Barriers for Ostomy?

Health Products For You carries various types of ostomy barriers to suit the different needs of different patients from our esteemed vendors like Hollister, Coloplast, Convatec, etc. You can opt for the auto-reorder program and get hassle-free delivery of ostomy supplies every month at your doorstep. Place your order today!

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