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Why is Nail Care important?

Nail care is the maintenance and grooming of fingernails and toenails. Nail care is equally important from the health point of view as well as cosmetic reasons. Nails are little shields that protect our fingers and toes. Poor nail care can lead to the collection of bacteria and other infectious organisms under the nails. Unhygienic nails cause infection in the nails and deliver germs and bacteria into the mouth, causing serious illnesses. Nail care is the key to maintain healthy fingernails and toenails. Proper nail care can prevent many fungus infections, infections in the hands and feet, and painful ingrown fingernails and toenails.

Nails also act as indicators for health problems like anemia, malnutrition, diabetes, heart problem, kidney and liver diseases. Any changes in the nails, such as discoloration, thickening, or swelling, may indicate a bigger concern. Therefore, it is advised to opt for a detailed check-up. Generally, Nail problems increase with aging affecting many older people. Personal hygiene is incomplete without proper nail care.

Nails also undergo a lot of changes with aging. Nail care is especially important for diabetic patients as nail infections can be a potential threat to them. Clipping fingernails and toenails is a delicate affair for people with diabetes, and one must be careful while doing so. Regular follow-up with podiatrists is often recommended for diabetic patients to care for and check their feet and toenails. Nail care becomes much more difficult for people with disabilities and mobility issues. It is difficult for them to make minute movements to cut the nails safely, and they often struggle to do so. Nail care becomes a tedious job for them. Improper nail care can affect their overall health.

We at Health Products For You offer nail care products designed for individuals who have a weak grasp, face difficulty bending down, or find it hard to operate small handheld nail care equipment. By using these personal aids, fingernails or toenails can be easily trimmed and shaped. Ragged cuticles and cracked nails are treated not to distract the users from their work. PETA Easi-Grip Tabletop Fingernail Clipper is an ideal fingernail cutting aid for people with hand weakness, tremors, or arthritis. Similarly, PETA Easi-Grip Long Reach Toenail Cutter offers a perfect solution to cut the toenails without bending much. There are nail clippers, nail filers, antifungal nail solutions, nail brushes, manicure and pedicure kits, nail supplements, etc., available at HPFY. They all help with easy nail health care without requiring much effort.

How to take care of nails?

Nails are specialized skin and act as a protective shield to the sensitive fingers and toes. Fungal infections are the most common problems of the nails, and often it is the result of dirty nails. Without proper care, nails harbor dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants, leading to infection. One of the simple ways to prevent nail fungal infection is keeping the nails short and trimmed and keeping the hands, feet, and nails clean. Avoid biting nails, and it can infect and harm the nail bed. Always wear gloves while handling detergents and harsh chemicals to prevent nails from softening. Clean and well-manicured nails not only look great but also define one's personality.

In addition to the external nail care routine, it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for nail health. Protein-rich foods, fish, nuts, and seeds, as well as vitamin E, biotin, and fish oil, help keep nails strong, healthy, and shiny. Zahler SHINE is a great nail health supplement containing biotin, silica, keratin, and more.

What are the steps in nail care?

Nail grooming is simple, yet it is an important self-care routine. Following are some of the important points to remember for a basic nail care routine:

  1. Trim nails regularly: Nails grow fast, and it is ideal for trimming the nails once a week. Caregivers can help seniors and the disabled to cut their nails. Always use sharp scissors to trim the nails. Trim nails to the shape of the finger, straight across and slightly rounded at the corners. Cuticles are natural barriers, so avoid cutting them or pushing them back. 
  2. Keep nails dry: Pat dry the nails after shower and hand wash as wet nails can easily break and cause infection. 
  3. Moisturize the nails: Finish nail care routine with a great lotion or moisturizer to protect nails from dryness.

Best Nail Care Products at HPFY

  1. Nail clippers are designed for toenails, and they assist individuals who have limited hand functionality in clipping their nails. Maddak Pistol Grip Remote Toenail Clipper is the perfect solution for pregnant women, obese and seniors, people with back pain concerns, and patients with a limited range of motion to trim toenails with minimum bending. 
  2. Nail brushes usually have a mix of long and short bristles. Longer bristles reach under nails to clean that area, whereas shorter bristles scrub away dirt and give a healthy luster to the nail bed. Nail brushes especially have a contoured body for a secure and firm grip. Dukal Dawn Mist Nail Brush is used to clean and exfoliate hands, feet, nails, etc..
  3. Nail filers are designed to shape nails, smoothen dry patches or calluses, and much more. The Stainless-Steel Triple Cut Nail File serves as a crucial tool for nail care. 
  4. Antifungal nail solutions help in getting healthier, clearer, and beautiful nails. They are designed for raised, cracked, discolored fingers and toenails. When used consistently as suggested, they give wonderful results. Antifungal nail solutions are highly effective for the majority of nail damage issues. Citrusway Antifungal Nail Solution is a good example. 
  5. Manicure and pedicure sets are ideal for use on natural nails. They give perfect shape and form to the nails. Tools for pedicure reduce overly thick toenails and gently remove calluses.  contains everything the user needs to make fingernails and toenails look attractive.

Where can I buy nail care products online?

HPFY has an extensive range of nail care products that helps a person maintain healthy and hygienic nails independently without much assistance. These products are from top manufacturers like Earth Therapeutics, McKesson, Graham-Field Health Products, Dynarex, and many more.

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