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What is a wrist brace? 

A wrist brace is a special type of wrist support wrapped around the wrist to keep it supported and immobilized and help heal the wrist quicker. The wrist support provides heat and compression to the ligaments to assist in relieving pain in the wrist.

Intended to uphold and stabilize the ligaments and joints of the wrist in case of an injury or impairment.

HPFY offers wrist support braces of all styles and with different utilities, including hand brace for carpel tunnel, neoprene brace, compression sleeves, wrist splints, braces for tendonitis, arthritis hand brace, and wrist wraps, to name a few.  

How does it work? 

 An injured wrist needs restraint to recover quickly, and a brace helps keep the wrist restricted and comfortable. A good wrist brace applies gentle compression without inhibiting wrist movement and keeps the wrist in a neutral or resting position.

Keeping it neutral minimizes the stress and pressure on the joints and tissues. In addition, restricting actions diminish the chances of reinjuring the wrist.

When to wear a hand support brace? 

Hand supports reduce the chances of using a joint or limb in a way that may aggravate the problem more. Wrist splints can help rest muscles, protect joints, and prevent tissue compression, such as nerves.

Doctors prescribe wrist braces for doing daily chores, sports, work, or any other activity with repetitive actions that cause wrist pain. 

Conditions that may warrant the use of a hand brace are as follows - 

How long is a wrist brace kept on? 

It is often recommended to wear for at least four to eight weeks or untill the painful symptoms are treated. The use of wrist support braces at night also aids in decreasing the swelling and lessening the pressure on the sprained or pinched nerve.  

How tight should a wrist brace be?

It should snugly fit your wrist without feeling too tight. It should conform to the wrist and stay in place while performing daily chores. If you can't move your fingers freely without a pinching sensation, it is probably too tight, and you need to loosen the brace. 

Should I wear a wrist support brace if my wrist hurts? 

Wrist tendonitis is a very common musculoskeletal disorder and causes unbearable wrist pain. The simplest treatments for this condition include resting and bracing. A wrist brace for pain relief wonders in treating numbness and pain in the wrists, arms, or hands.  

Is compression good for wrist pain? 

Compression helps minimize swelling by enhancing blood circulation. Compression gloves for the wrist help alleviate swelling, relieve pain, and provide minimal support. lymphedema sleeves and gloves are usually used for long-term pain. 

How to wear a wrist brace? 

5 Reasons to buy a wrist brace

1. Curbs symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome 

Most people tend to bend their wrists uncomfortably during sleep, which puts pressure on the median nerve.

Research suggests wrist braces help carpal tunnel symptoms and keep the wrist sturdy.

2. Stabilizes your hand

Wrist tendonitis demands stabilization of the hand and keeping the hands at rest and not moving—the hyper-flexing and hyper-extending of the hand damage the wrist joint.

Wrist supports help keep the wrist immobilized and prevent movement during sleep. 

3. Helps treat ganglion cysts 

Ganglion cysts are benign and noncancerous lumps developed most commonly along the tendons or joints of the wrists or hands.

Activity can worsen ganglion cysts, and a wrist brace for ganglion cysts temporarily immobilizes the area to shrink the cyst. Once it shrinks, it releases the pressure on the nerves relieving pain. 

4. Aids in daily living

The ulnar wrist pain brace strengthens the weakened wrist ligaments and tendons and helps one do the daily chores.

It also aids in enhancing the grip strength of people who have recently undergone surgery, sustained a hand or wrist injury, or been in an accident. 

5. Prevents sports injury 

Wrist wraps are useful and supportive strength gear for sportspersons and those indulging in hardcore fitness regimens requiring additional support.

Similarly, a wrist brace for working out helps prevent wear and tear in the wrist tendons and ligaments.

It also provides effective compression and optimal support and prevents sports injury

Where can I buy a wrist support brace? 

HPFY has been online since 2002 to cater to its global clientele with quality medical supplies.

At HPFY, you can find an entire range of wrist supports. These braces are manufactured by brands like North Coast Medical, Patterson Medical, Hely & Weber, BSN Medical, etc. Explore & find the best one for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Wrist braces may be worn in case of Wrist Tendonitis, Sprain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Ganglion Cyst and Wrist Fractures.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is caused due to excess pressure on the median nerve that runs through the wrist. The best treatment of thid syndrome is a wrist splint that looks like a fingerless glove. It stabilizes the wrist in a straight and slightly bent-back position. It minimizes pressure on the median nerve and helps in treatment of CTS.

A wrist injury or sprain usually takes upto six weeks to heal. It is recommended to wear a wrist splint for that duration

It is advisable to wear a wrist splint at night as most people do not remain in one position all night long and a splint helps to prevent the hand and wrist from turning into awkward positions

It is recommended to wear a wrist splint during activities that may irritate your tendonitis. a simple support wrap or brace can be an easy way to avoid furthur problems.