Lavin Reusable Lift Straps

Lavin Reusable Lift Straps

Brand/Manufacturer: LAVINLIFT STRAP INC


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  • Made in USA

Lavin Reusable Lift Straps are an accessory that works with any standard patient lifter. They allow one caregiver the ability to safely suspend the lower portion of the patient’s body. This process eliminates the need for caregiver lifting and the need for additional assistance often needed to perform these procedures.

Lavin Patient Lifting Straps are used for

  • Hygiene cleaning
  • Changing
  • Treatment of wound
  • Treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Catheter insertion
  • Lifting patients of size

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LLS-XL X-Large, Black straps Pair $6.72

Lavin Lift Straps Features

  • Perfect for bariatric facilities, home care environments, long-term care facilities, and other settings where a reusable product is desired
  • Eliminate uncomfortable log rolling, turning, and lifting
  • Improved infection control and hygiene
  • Increase patient satisfaction, comfort, and dignity
  • Made from foam-padded nylon medical grade Enthera and buckle attachments
  • Adjusts easily to secure bed-ridden patients in the comfort
  • Customizable fit comes in 12” to 29” sizes
  • 400 lb. tensile strength per strap can be daisy-chained together
  • Made from high-density foam padding and high-performance nylon
  • This patient lift accessory is long lasting
  • Cost-effective, long-term product use
  • Wicks away moisture and provide a softer more secure fit
  • When used properly, the straps do the work of safely lifting your loved one in just a few easy steps

Benefits of Lavin Lifting Straps for Patients

  • Lifting is gentle to the fragile or confused or elderly patient
  • Allows for changing more often, keeping patient drier
  • Patient does not have to be turned from side to side, providing less stress to patient
  • Linen will not have to be pushed under patient, thus reducing friction and possible shear
  • One caregiver will be able to perform function instead of many, which allows the patient more dignity
  • Patient will be kept overall in better health

How is Lavin Lift Strap beneficial for Caregivers?

  • Allows one caregiver to safely change for incontinence, bedridden patients and patients with wounds.
  • For catheter insertion or treatment of leg wounds, caregivers often have to turn the patient and/or hold up the patient's legs for long periods of time while such procedures are being performed.
  • Using Lavin Lift Strap along with existing patient lifts, the leg will be safely suspended while the procedures are performed.
  • This new process may encourage care providers to change patients more often, avoiding pressure ulcers and skin breakdown.
  • Less repetitive stress and other injuries to caregivers.
  • Less worker compensation costs.
  • The effects of staff cutbacks and re-purposing can be mitigated.

What to buy with Leg Lifting Straps?

How to Use Lavin Reusable Lift Straps?

Lavin Lift Strap Basic Process:

  • Reusable Lavin Lift Straps feature easy to fit multi-size straps lined with medical grade Enthera which wicks away moisture and provide a softer more secure fit.
  • When used properly, the straps do the work of safely lifting your loved one in just a few easy steps.
  • They are available in three sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large for Bariatric and/or obese patients.
  • The "Basic Process" is what you will need to learn to lift the patients hips to access the buttocks and lower back for cleaning and changing.

Double-Strap/Bariatric Process:

  • The Double-Strap Process is intended for larger patients and those with varicose veins or other conditions resulting in extremely sensitive legs.
  • Using Reusable Lavin Lift Straps correctly sized to the patient’s thighs and calves, this process distributes the stress points along the leg, thereby avoiding unnecessary discomfort.
  • Once the straps are securely fastened, the caregiver positions a lifter over the patient’s thigh, attaches the straps and activates the patient lifter.
  • The Double-Strap Process permits a higher lift of the patient’s lower body than the basic single strap process.
  • Bariatric patients should only use re-usable Lavin Lift Straps and the double strapping process.

The Limb Suspension Process:

  • The Limb Suspension Process for Wound Care and/or Treatments, Catheter Insertion and other processes requiring a caregiver to lift a limb or limbs featuring Lavin Lift Multisize Reusable Straps
  • Lavin Lift Straps can be used to suspend limbs during treatment, as well as lifting a patient’s lower body for cleaning, changing and wound care.
  • In this process, a caregiver simply attaches an appropriately sized strap to the limb of the patient.
  • Then secure the strap to a patient lift.
  • Since the Lavin Lift Strap is not a sling but a secure strap, the limb can be raised without danger of slipping.
  • Virtually no lifting is required on the part of the caregiver.

Directions for Correct Sizing:

  • Measure the circumference of patient’s thigh 5 inches above the knee joint. This will indicate the correct size strap to be used
  • If the person to be cleaned or treated has a condition such as obesity, a painful leg or sensitivity in the area surrounding the knee, it may be necessary to use 2 Lavin Lift Straps per leg
  • Attain the correct size of this 2nd strap by measuring the circumference of the leg below the knee at the top of the calf
  • Note:The medium size straps come with bright orange colored adjustable straps for the buckles. The large comes with blue colored adjustable straps and the extra large comes in the black adjustable straps for the buckles.

How to clean Lavin Reusable Straps?

  • Machine washable (Gentle Cycle)
  • May also be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or topical disinfectants intended for use with materials such as cotton and nylon

Lavin Straps Specification

Strap SizeLeg Size
Medium17" or less


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does this product come with T-bar connector adapters?
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Lavin Reusable Lift Straps attach quickly, securely, and easily to both ceiling and portable standard T-bar patient lifters.
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