Hollister InView Special Male External Catheter
Hollister InView Special Male External Catheter

Hollister InView Special Male External Catheter


Hollister InView Special Male External Catheter features shorter sheath length for a wider range of needs. Soft and breathable silicone which is non-irritating and can be crimped for a custom fit. The kink resistant tip helps minimize urine from flowing and causing it to fall off. This catheter provides security and ease of application through an integrated adhesive. Designed for up to a 24 hour wear time.

Hollister InView Silicone Male External Catheter Features:

  • Latex-free
  • Transparent, non-irritating silicone
  • Tapered tip

Item #DescPkgPrice 
97425100 Small (25mm), Green Each $6.45 $1.99
97425 Small (25mm), Green 30/Pack $81.45 $49.99
97425-100 Small (25mm), Green 100/Pack $289.99 $165.99
97429100 Medium (29mm), Purple Each $6.45 $1.99
97429 Medium (29mm), Purple 30/Pack $81.45 $47.99
97429-100 Medium (29mm), Purple 100/Pack $289.99 $159.99
97432 Intermediate (32mm), Tan Each $6.45 $1.99
97432 Intermediate (32mm), Tan 30/Pack $75.80 $47.99
97436100 Large (36mm), Blue Each $6.45 $1.99
97436 Large (36mm), Blue 30/Pack $81.45 $47.99
97436-100 Large (36mm), Blue 100/Pack $289.99 $159.99
97741 X-Large (41mm), Orange Each $3.45 $1.85
97441100 X-Large (41mm), Orange Each $6.45 $1.99
97441 X-Large (41mm), Orange 30/Pack $75.80 $48.99
97441-100 X-Large (41mm), Orange 100/Pack $289.99 $159.99
97741 X-Large (41mm), Orange 100/Pack $222.79 $159.99

Hollister InView Silicone Male External Catheter Benefits

More On InView Silicone Male External Catheter

Selecting the Proper Size:
  • Use the Hollister sizing guide to determine correct size needed
  • Place the Hollister sizing guide over the widest diameter of the penis 
  • In cases of shorter shaft length, select the InView Special catheter for better adhesion
Tips for Use:
  • Clean and thoroughly dry the penis. Do not use lotions, powders or ointments on the skin. Trim hair as needed
  • Be sure to have good visualization and access to the area
  • Unroll the catheter onto the penis
  • Gently squeeze the applied catheter to ensure good contact between the adhesive and the skin
  • Connect to a bedside collector or a leg bag
  • Secure the tubing leading to either a leg bag or gravity drainage bag to the individuals thigh to prevent unnecessary tugging on the catheter
  • Position the tubing for the leg bag or gravity drainage bag below the level of the bladder
Removal Instructions:
  • Gently roll the catheter off the skin
  • Use of a warm, wet washcloth, held over the catheter for approximately 30 seconds may help weaken the adhesive for easier removal in some cases
  • Adhesive remover wipes may also be helpful


Catheter MaterialSilicone
Catheter Size25mm,29mm,32mm,36mm,41mm

Adhesive Type


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