Healthcraft Angled Ceiling Top Plate for SuperPole
Healthcraft Angled Ceiling Top Plate for SuperPole

Healthcraft Angled Ceiling Top Plate for SuperPole

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Healthcraft Angled Ceiling Top Plate for SuperPole bolts to angled ceilings between 0-45 degrees. The top plate diameter is 18”.

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SP-ACP-AK Angled Ceiling Top Plate Each $200.99 $147.99


  • Note: Not to be used with SuperTrapeze, SuperPole HD, or Ceiling Plate Extender

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  • Angled Ceiling Plate Preparation:
    - Unpack the angled ceiling plate and the pole assembly
    - Remove the clevis pin from the pivoting bracket of the angled ceiling plate
    - Determine the location of the pole. Secure the angled ceiling plate to the ceiling, making sure that it is fastened to the ceiling joists with appropriate wood screws.
    - Slide the top end of the pole onto the pivoting bracket. Align the locking pin holes of the pole and the bracket. Insert the clevis pin removed in step 1, and secure with nylon washer and hitch pin
    - Place the circular base on the floor at the intended location of the SuperPole. Set the SuperPole to a true vertical position. This may be facilitated using a construction level, plumb bob, or by visually comparing the pole with other vertical line features in the room such as wall corners, etc.
    - Once the SuperPole is set to a true vertical position, lock the angle of the pivoting bracket on both sides with the supplied hardware
  • SuperPole Installation:
    While the cover sleeve is held up, insert a bar such as the shaft of a screwdriver, through the drive hole at the bottom of the extension screw. Turn the extension screw (clockwise) to make the extension screw contact the circular base. Align the stem of the extension screw with the hole in the circular plate.


 - 1 year limited warranty

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