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Armedica Manufacturing Corp. is a leading manufacturer of Hi-Lo treatment tables for physical therapy and sports medicine. Treatment tables of Armedica are among the best in the industry and come with a wide variety of models and options. The first table manufactured by Armedica Mfg. still comes in use to treat patients. Armedica products are designed and backed with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They aim to maximize output with minimum effort.
Armedica Manufacturing Corp carries a complete line of electric Hi-Lo treatment tables, mat tables, wooden treatment tables, medical stools, parallel bars, training stairs, vinyl bolsters and wedges.
Along with innovative designs, Armedica tables provide padded surface for ultimate comfort. They offer numerous types of models and options to accommodate patients and therapists. AM series of Armedica treatment tables has full height adjustment and section mobility to clinicians so they can position the patient properly. Also, they provide extra legroom to therapists for effective treatments. For patients, Armedica tables are comfortable and provide easy access getting on and off the table.

Armedica Medical Furniture

Medical furniture plays an important role in healthcare. They help medical professionals perform surgery keeping safety of patients in mind. Armedica Manufacturing Corp provides a wide range of medical furniture like Hi-Lo treatment tables, traction tables, changing tables, flexion stools, mobile stools, etc. Since comfort plays a very important role in the recovery of a patient, Armedica Medical Furniture aims at providing that ultimate in comfort. Its innovative design and safety features are built keeping the requirements of patient and therapist in mind

Armedica Medical Tables

Armedica Medical tables assist the healthcare professionals in various procedures and offer appropriate storage for necessary equipment. They provide the necessary workspace to carry on a treatment or procedure effectively. Armedica physical therapy tables are available in different shapes and sizes. AM Series Hi-Lo treatment table is the industry standard treatment table. The AM-BA series comes with new bar-adjustable design. AM-SP Series has single pedestal design. Armedica wood tables and mat tables offer ample of space for treatments. Hi-Lo Changing Tables have one section top and side rails for patient safety. These side rails pivot down for easy patient transfer and access. Then there are bariatric treatment tables to accommodate bariatric patients comfortably. Such a wide range of Armedica products is sure to satisfy each patient’s customized needs. 

Standard Upholstery of Armedica Tables

Upholstery of Armedica medical tables come in 8 basic colors and 3 decorator colors. Decorator colors are said to have soft hi-loft backing and an ultra soft leather feel. The vinyl protective coating of these treatment tables creates a tough, effective barrier against the germs, abrasion and stains. It protects against the surface growth of mildew spores and fungus mold. Vinyl coating offers high resistance to microbial deterioration that may cause splitting, cracking and loss of flexibility. 

Armedica Medical Stools

High quality medical stools are a must in any healthcare setting. They are required for comfort and efficiency of the medical personnel. Armedica manufactures medical stools of best quality which can be used in hospitals, healthcare clinics, private practices, emergency rooms, operating rooms and more. 
All kinds of Armedica medical stools aim to provide convenience to the healthcare professionals during medical procedures and examinations. They help facilitate an efficient work environment. Armedica medical stools are available in a range of colors, types and designs to best meet user requirements. Armedica stools with swivel casters at the base allow the user have continuous access to the patient and yet move freely. Armedica non-slip stainless steel footstool specializes in providing spacious stepping surface or platform with a rubber tread top that has non-skid properties. Armedica flexion stool proves to be a perfect accessory for Armedica traction tables. Height adjustment of flexion stool is easily facilitated with the turn of a knob. 

Armedica Rehab & Exercise Products

Rehab and exercise products help facilitate a wide variety of specialized exercises to target the affected area. They can be used for cardiac rehab, sports injuries or even for recovery from a stroke. Armedica rehab and exercise products help recover and regain functionality of the targeted body part. They work as an aid to the process of physical rehabilitation and therapy and are required to reach the personal wellness goals and highest possible level of independence. These rehab products restore, improve or maintain coordination, physical strength, mobility and cognition. 

Armedica Parallel Bars

Parallel bars from Armedica Manufacturing Corp. are used to increase coordination, core strength and muscular endurance. They are used in physical therapy clinics to teach individuals how to walk, keep up the balance and carry on their daily activities. There is a wide variety of Armedica parallel bars available like bariatric parallel bars, floor mounted parallel bars and platform mounted parallel bars which provide maximum lateral stability. Along with stainless-steel handrails, these physical therapy parallel bars have height and width adjustability with manual adjustment style. 

Armedica Training Stairs

Armedica training stairs are useful for physical therapy and rehabilitation. These unique training devices allow the therapists to train patients on progressive step levels. Training stairs are a great tool for increasing flexibility, providing anaerobic conditioning, improving lower body strength and strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles. They are used by athletes, runners and individuals recovering from injuries. Armedica training stairs feature anti-slip safety treads on each step and platform. They are ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and ease of use. 

Armedica Bolsters

Armedica bolsters are designed to be used with Armedica tables. They prove to be an ideal accessory for table or mat and are used when positioning a patient during therapy. Armedica bolsters provide support under the legs, feet, arms and other areas of the body during treatment. They are suitable for stretching, muscle toning exercises, righting reactions and improving coordination. These bolsters have a protective vinyl coating designed to protect the surface against germs, abrasion and stains. 

Where can I buy Armedica Products online?

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies. We offer a range of Armedica products, including treatment tables, therapy chairs, mat tables, parallel bars, and more, providing patients and healthcare practitioners with options to meet their specific needs. 


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