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Rehab Equipment include all types of exercise equipment used for rehabilitation, therapy or fitness. We also have a range of products that are used post-surgery while recovering from injuries and surgical procedures. These equipment strive to improve the range of motion of the joints to aid in recovery by reducing joint stiffness. Rehab equipment must be used after the scars heal or otherwise it may lead to premature breakage of sutures or stitches. At HPFY we bring to you all products that you may require for physical therapy or occupational therapy in just a few clicks.

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Types of Rehab Equipment

  • CPM: CPM machines are used post-surgery of the knee, elbow, hip etc. It helps in regulating the flow of blood and fluid accumulated around the joint due to surgery or injury thereby improving the joint range of motion. These machines help in attaining the normal motion after joint replacement surgeries.  

  • Exercise Devices: These devices include a range of equipment like quadriceps boards, exercise kits, push up blocks, heavy duty lift box, shoulder wheels, balance blocks and much more. These equipment help you keep fit and going. 

  • Parallel Bars: Parallel bars offer a platform for core strength, coordination and muscular endurance exercises. We have a variety of parallel bars including bariatric parallel bars, height adjustable bars, platform mounted bars etc. as per your requirements. 

  • Training Stairs: Training stairs are used by therapists to train patients with progressive stepping post-surgery or injury. These stairs are designed ergonomically and provide a comfortable grip.

We assure high quality products that will help you to achieve all fitness and rehabilitation goals along with all the independence you desire. Try rehab equipment of high quality from makers who possess expertise in this industry like Hausmann, Bailey, Escalade Sports and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!