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What is the use of a Finger Splint?

Finger Splint is designed to give stability and immobilization to the broken or injured part of the finger. It keeps the finger straight and protects it while it heals. You need to use a finger splint when you feel pain in one of your finger joints when you try to move or use it or when you have stiffness and swelling in your finger joints. HPFY carries a variety of shapes and sizes of splints from top-selling brands like Rolyan, Norco, and more.

How to use a Splint on Finger?

  1. Stop using the injured finger: If you get an injury like a broken finger, stop movement in your finger. Seek immediate medical advice if your finger:
    • Is cut or broken, and the bone is visible
    • Feels numb, or you cannot move it
    • Hurts, especially in the bones over the joints
  2. Place the finger against a splint: Choose a proper splint according to the need of the finger. It should be of the same length or slightly longer than the finger.
  3. Ensure proper fitting of the finger supports: There should be an appropriate fitting of the splint. It should neither be too tight nor too loose.
  4. Keep the hand elevated above the level of the heart: Keeping your affected hand above the level of your heart will help to reduce swelling. Prop your hand up on a pillow while you’re seated or lying down, or hold it up near your shoulder while you’re standing.

How to care for the Splint Finger?

FAQs About Finger Extension Splint

1. When to use a finger splint?

It is recommended to use a splint when a person has an injured finger, such as a mallet finger. This type of injury occurs when a person injures the tendon that straightens the finger or thumb.

2. How long should you use a finger brace?

The splint keeps your finger straight and protects it while it heals. You'll usually keep the splint for three to four weeks as your fractured finger heals.

3. Should you wear a splint for trigger finger to bed?

Always wear the splint full time when you sleep. When we sleep, all of us naturally curl up our fingers without realizing it. In fact, after the initial 6-week healing period, you will need to sleep in the splint for another 2 months.

4. Can you shower with finger braces on?

Tape a sheet of plastic to cover your splint when you take a shower or bath unless your doctor says you can take it off while bathing. If you can take the splint off when you bathe, pat the area dry after bathing and put the splint back on. If your splint gets a little wet, you can dry it with a hair dryer.

Where to buy Finger Sleeves and Splints online?

Finger splints are a type of medical equipment that can benefit individuals who have an injured finger. They immobilize the finger, provide sufficient support, and allow it to recover quickly. At HPFY, you will get a vast collection of splints for fingers that provide protection levels ranging from basic protection to maximum protection. We bring these medical splints for fingers from top-selling manufacturers like Patterson Medical, North Coast Medical, Deroyal, and more.

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