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Gelmix Infant Thickener for Breast Milk & Formula

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Gelmix Infant Thickener is a hypoallergenic, USDA organic thickener for breast milk and infant formula. It has no flavor or odor and dissolves smoothly. Gelmix is the most popular infant formula and breast milk for treating reflux and swallowing issues.

Gelmix Infant Thickener Benefits

  • Safe For Infants
  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Dissolves easily in warm liquids
  • Better for Food Sensitivities
  • Vegan and Kosher formula
  • Helps with swallowing issues
Gelmix Breast Milk & Formula Thickener


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Features of Gelmix Formula Thickener for Infants

  • Thickens breast milk and infant formula, facilitating the retention of nutrients in breast milk and formula that requires thickening
  • Thickening liquids are often recommended for the management of conditions present with gastroesophageal reflux (GER) and dysphagia
  • Powder is tasteless, odorless, and smooth when dissolved
  • Gelmix can thicken any liquid that can be warmed for mixing
  • Gelmix carries a kosher certification from Kosher Organics, a kosher certifying agency recognized by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) that certifies only natural and organic products
Gelmix Breast Milk & Formula Thickener

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How to take Gelmix Thickener?

  1. Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before preparation.
  2. Pour desired amount of lukewarm liquid (about 100°F) into bottle. Freshly expressed breast milk at body temperature is sufficient.
  3. Sprinkle in Gelmix powder following usage recommendations. Cap and shake well for about 30 seconds, until powder is completely dissolved. Work quickly to avoid clumps.
  4. Wait 5-10 minutes until desired consistency is reached. Mix again before feeding. Always test temperature before feeding.


  • May cause gassiness and loose stools at start.
  • This usually subsides on its own within 1-2 weeks of use or by reducing amount used.

Usage Recommendations:

  • Add 2.4g ( 1 Stick or 2 Scoops) for:
    1. Slightly thick: 4-6 fl.oz
    2. Midly Thick: 3-4 fl.oz
  • Each jar includes a 1/2 serving scoop (1.2g), equivalent to a level 1/2 tsp.
  • Moderately thick (aka honey) consistency is not generally recommended for infants. It can be difficult for some infants to pass this thicker consistency through a nipple and may increase risk of dehydration due to poor oral intake.


  • Do not use for infants under 6 pounds or born preterm currently under a corrected age of 2 weeks (aka 42 weeks postmenstrual age).
  • Do not use if galactosemia or allergy to galactomannans is suspected.
  • Stop using if rash or other allergic reaction develops. Allergies to galactomannans are rare.

Tips for mixing Gelmix Breast Milk & Formula Thickener

Thickening Breast milk

  • Breast milk tends to be thinner than regular infant formulas.
  • For best results, mix Gelmix with freshly expressed breast milk at body temperature.
  • Gelmix may also be mixed with previously frozen or thawed milk; however, once breast milk is brought to room temperature or warmed after storing, it should be used within 2 hours.
  • Breast milk should not be rewarmed more than once.

Thickening Formula & Water

  • Thickened water may be stored in a clean, sealed container at room temperature for up to 24 hours.
  • When ready to feed, just mix in powder formula.
  • Elemental formulas tend to be thinner than regular infant formulas.
  • The prepared formula with Gelmix may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.
  • Use prepared infant formula within 1 hour from feeding begins.

Gelmix Food Thickeners FAQ

Is Gelmix a powder or a gel?

Gelmix is actually a powder thickener that gels up when mixed with warm liquids. The reason it is called “Gelmix” is because of the smooth gel-like mouth feel it creates when mixed into liquids.

Is Gelmix free of common allergens?

Yes, Gelmix is free of all common allergens. Gelmix does not contain any dairy, corn, soy, wheat, gluten, lactose or casein. Allergies to carob bean gum (from the galactomannan family) are extremely rare in academic literature. Gelmix is also vegan, GMO free and certified USDA organic and kosher.

Why to use WARM breast milk or formula?

Gelmix works best with warm breast milk or formula. In order to ensure the powder dissolves easily and creates a thickened consistency, Gelmix must be mixed into lukewarm liquid (around 100°F). Freshly expressed breast milk at body temperature is sufficiently warm. Be careful not to overheat the liquid. Hot water greater than 120°F is too hot and may cause the Gelmix to clump, and breast milk quality deteriorates significantly at temperatures of 120°F.

What liquids can I thicken with Gelmix?

Gelmix was specifically formulated to thicken breast milk and formula, however it can thicken any liquid that can be warmed for mixing. If you’re looking to thicken milk, water or juice for children over 12 months old, Purathick Natural Thickener, for hot and cold liquids, is a better option.

How thick does Gelmix make liquids?

Gelmix effectively thickens liquids to slightly thick (half-nectar), mildly thick (nectar) and moderately thick (honey), however moderately thick liquids are more difficult to pass through a nipple/teat and are NOT typically recommended for infants. This difficulty may increase risk of dehydration due to poor oral intake. Remember, always consult a medical professional before thickening liquids to ensure it is appropriate for your infant’s individual needs.

Can Gelmix be used with preterm infants?

Gelmix is contraindicated for preterm and low birth weight infants until they have reached a minimum weight of six pounds and a corrected age of 2 weeks (42 weeks postmenstrual age). Remember, always consult a medical professional before thickening liquids to ensure it is appropriate for your infant’s individual needs.

Gelmix Breast Milk & Formula Thickener Supplement Facts

Serving size 2.4g (1 stick OR 2 scoops)
  Amount Per Serving Amount % Daily Value for Infants Per Serving through 12 months
Calories 10  
Total Carbohydrates 2g 2%
Dietary Fiber <1g  
Calcium 10mg 4%

Ingredients: Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Carob Bean Gum, Calcium Carbonate

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