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Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift

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Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift features a narrow profile that mounts closer to the wall, with tighter bends. Each custom stairlift is unique to the home and stairway it is installed to. This custom design allows the Helix stairlift to have a smaller footprint, a quicker install, and outstanding performance. Perfect for a stairway with a 90-degree turn, 180-degree turn, or even a spiral staircase. The Helix can even be built to accommodate multi-story applications.

Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift Highlights

  • Extremely quiet, smooth ride
  • True-Curve rail with advanced bending technology
  • Creates smoother turns
  • An ergonomically-designed seat features swivel seat
  • Simple-connect rails and lighter chassis for easy installation
  • Lift mounts to steps/stair


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Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift Features

  • Full-fold armrests - Improved to allow unimpeded transfer from a wheelchair 
  • Emergency Stop - Repositioned safety stop button on the side for easier access 
  • True-Curve Rail - Next-generation bending technology allows for smooth, precise bends and turns 
  • Attractive swivel seating - Supportive, ergonomic design with integrated, retracting seatbelt and a standard swivel mount 
  • Smooth, quiet ride - True-Curve Rail and quiet motor create an extraordinarily smooth ride and amazingly quiet operation 
  • Even easier installation - Fewer floor bolts, simple-connect rails, and a lighter weight chassis make Helix easier to install - even by one person 
  • Narrower profile - Low profile floor mounts and a narrower chassis tuck closer to the wall, saving space and providing a less intrusive installation

Safety Features

  • Direction Limit Switches
  • Final Limit Switch
  • Footrest Obstruction Switch
  • Seat Swivel/Cut-off Switch
  • Constant Pressure Controls
  • Seat Belt
  • Safety Edges
  • Emergency Stop

How to use Helix Curved Stair Lift?

Operating the Curved Stair Lift:

  • Power Supply: The charger should be left plugged and the stair lift should be kept fully charged at all times.
  • Power Indicator Lights: A green light indicates the supply is on. If there is no light, check the wall outlet for power. If still NO light, contact your dealer.
  • Rocker Button: You can start the run by pushing the rocker button in the direction you want to ride. The button is located on your armrest. It must be pushed and held until the lift reaches its destination and stops automatically.
  • Seat Belt & Footrest: Fasten your seat-belt whenever you use the curved stair lift. Make sure you are secure and the seat-belt is firm around your waist. Use the seat belt and footrest at all times when riding the lift.
  • Swivel Handle: Seat swivel handles are located on the both sides of the seat and it helps you in proper landing. Once you reach the destination (top position), pull the swivel handle on the swivel seat and dismount. Seat swivel handle prevents the lift from being operated unless the seat is in its normal, locked position.
  • Obstructions: Safety sensors on the top and bottom of the carriage, and both sides of the footrest will halt the stair lift immediately if they touch an obstruction.
  • Remote Control: Remote Control allows you to move your Stair Lift from its parked position. Just press the up or down button for the desired direction. Keep the button pressed until the lift reaches its final position and stops automatically.

Precautions to take while using Helix Curved Stair Lift

  • Use the seat belt and footrest at all times when riding the lift.
  • Keep a check on the status of the indicator lights; contact the dealer ASAP if you find them not working.
  • Make sure nobody is in the process of getting on or off while using the remote. Do not stand on the lift while it is running.
  • Check that the armrest, footrest, and seat are in the correct position. Place your arms on armrest and feet on footrest for safe operation.
  • Make sure there are no barriers or items on the stairway.
  • Always make sure the swivel is in the locked position before mounting or dismounting the lift
  • Do not carry more than one person in the lift be it children or pet. It is designed for carrying ONLY one person at a time.
  • Always keep the rail and seat clean and free from dirt using soft cloth with a mild detergent. Make sure the power supply is OFF while cleaning.
  • Inspect the mechanical and electrical equipment regularly and consult the technician to maintain it on a regular basis.
  • Ensure the safe power supply and feel free to call your dealer if you have any query.

What to buy with Helix Curved Stairlift CSL500?

How to Install Harmar’s Curved Stair Lift?

Helix Curved Stair Lift is easy to install. The standard installation will normally take two installers approximately three hours. The time will vary depending on the complexity of the lift ordered and custom designs.

  1. Review Installation Drawing The dimensions on the drawing show numbers on the stairs. These numbers indicate the position of the supports.
  2. Carry chair/chassis to the location of the installation: Usually top of stairs. It's best to be a flat section of rail.
  3. Position Stair Supports: Place on the stair based on the installation drawing but do not bolt anything down at this point.
  4. Assemble the Rail: Place the rail in the correct position beginning with the first section downstairs. Unwrap the rail, checking the label for order of placement on stairs.
  5. Check both ends of the rail and wipe clean. You may need to clean the ends with Emery paper and add a small amount of grease to help slide the pipes together.
  6. Slide the pipes together one at a time starting at the bottom in the order indicated on the label. Install on the stair supports.
  7. Connect parts at the joint with the supplied bolts. Carefully tighten as you assemble the rail./When you arrive upstairs, adjust the position of the rail and supports while you compare it with the drawing.
  8. Rail Leveling/Alignment: Using the angle meter, set the rail to the correct angles and check the drawing to verify that all clearances are correct.
  9. Install Battery
    • Open front of chassis, by removing screws on shroud.
    • Install batteries. Connect wire.
    • Remove rear cover to expose loading switch.
    • Route wire of seat thru seat mounting hole. Install seat
    • Observe magnet switch for seat safety.
    • Install set screw, that holds seat from coming up, in collar where the wires for the hand control comes through.
    • Connect seat rocker switch wires.
  10. Chassis Load Roller position-Ensure charging point is on the top. Using the loading bar, slide on until drive hits the gear rack. Activate the rocker to drive onto rack, watching the wheels to ensure they go on smoothly. Ensure the unit goes down the gear rack about 6".
  11. Replace Shroud and install load switch cover on back.
    • Test run chassis to ensure all the clearances are ok. Move rail as needed to make the best fit. If installing mid-charging location locate it now.
    • Installing Mid-Charge Locations
      1. Locate Chassis to where the midstation park should be on the rail.
      2. Mount to the rail using self taping screws provided
      3. Align charge feet to chassis, ensure the charge feet are compressing about 1/4".
      4. Drill the hole in the rack to pull wire out.
      5. Connect wire to charge station, ensure the red wire matches the location of the red wire on the chassis.
      6. Install Cover: The unit will stop on this when driven with the wireless remote. It will stop for 5 to 6 seconds then continue.
  12. Supports: Re-check angles, then, using the appropriate hardware, attach the supports to the stairs, starting at a corner. Firmly set the supports to the rail with set screw. Repeat the process at the other corners; re-check angles. Complete all other legs.
  13. Charging Station: Install charging station on rail. Top and bottom. Align with chassis
  14. Install cover on charging station.
  15. Final Limit: Install hard final limit on gear rack at both ends of rail.
    Rail end caps and support caps need to be installed

Helix Curved Stair Lift Installation Manual

Harmar Helix CSL500 Specifications

Specifications Values
Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs. (159 kg)
Track (rail) Type Steel, Powder Coated
Travel Up to 164’ (4m)
Average Number of Return Trips per Charge: (varies with load, length) 10
Control in Armrest: (left or right hand operation) Yes
Lift Mounts to Steps or Wall Steps
Minimum Folded Width 16" (406 mm)
Minimum Footrest Height 5 ½” (140 mm)
Clear Distance Between Armrests 20.47”- 23.6” (520 - 600 mm)
Floor to Seat Height 25” (635 mm)
Minimum Wall to Stair Side of Rail 4.7” (120 mm)
Seat 15” (381 mm) x 20.5” (520mm)
Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC; 50/60 HZ
Operation Power 24V DC Battery
Speed 20 fpm
Incline Limits 62° (1.6m)
Drive System Rack & Pinion Gear
Safety Design Standards Complies with ASME A18.1, CAN/CSA B44.1, ASME A17.5



2-Year on Components, 1-Year on Batteries

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