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What are Compression Socks?

Compression socks apply gentle pressure to the legs and ankles to help improve blood circulation, prevent blood from pooling in the legs, and help relieve pain and swelling. Compression socks are designed for compression therapy alleviating symptoms associated with various medical conditions like deep vein thrombosis, skin ulcers, varicose veins, etc.

Medical compression socks are also worn by people with a job that demands being on your foot for long hours, like flight attendants, runners, nurses, etc. Pregnant women who experience swelling in their legs also wear compression socks.

HPFY offers a huge collection of compression socks of various lengths and compression levels. We stock up on compression socks for men and compression socks for women from top brands like Jobst, FLA, Juzo, etc., at the best prices. Choose the one that best suits your needs today!

Compression Socks Indications

How do Medical Compression Socks work?

Blood in your body needs to work against gravity to flow back to the heart but certain health conditions may lead to an impeded blood flow like problems with circulation caused due to lack of movement post-surgery, venous insufficiency or clotting. These conditions may result in tired and achy feet with a fatigue. By squeezing the tissues, walls and veins of the leg compression socks help in returning the blood to the heart. This procedure also help in improving the flow of lymph thereby reducing the swelling. These socks can also be worn by healthy individuals to improve comfort or by runners and athletes to reduce the risk of injuries. Compression socks must be selected carefully to prevent other health issues. The correct size and compression is utmost important. The socks must not be wrinkled when worn or else they can provide imbalanced compression.

Contraindications for Medical socks

People with certain health issues must avoid compression socks like those with:

Benefits of Compression Hose

Compression socks are primarily used for compression therapy that can help with several conditions. Your doctor may prescribe compression hose for the following:

How to wear Support Socks?

If you wear compression socks, you should put them on just like any other socks starting with pulling them over your foot and unrolling up your leg. If you have trouble sliding the socks on, apply a small amount of talcum powder on your feet or legs or use sock aids to easily don the socks. Try to pull the compression hose up so that the compression is well dispersed across your feet and legs. Ensure that the compression socks do not bunch up in any certain place. Your compression socks should fit securely and tightly over your skin but should not hurt you.

Things to consider while choosing the Best Compression Socks

1. Compression level of the support hose

Compression socks are available with various compression levels, measured as mmHg, which stands for millimeters of mercury. It is important to choose the right compression level to address your specific needs. A good rule of thumb to follow is:

For specific medical conditions, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor on the exact compression level required.

2. Compression hose size and style

Compression socks are available in various sizes, like knee-high compression and thigh-high compression socks. Knee-high compression socks stop below the bend of the knee, just past the curvature of the calf. Thigh-high compression socks stop at the top of your thigh.

Knee-high socks should be sufficient if you have swelling in your ankles. Consider thigh-high compression socks if you have swelling on or above the knee.

A comfortable compression sock should fit snugly around your leg, but it should not squeeze so tightly that it cuts off circulation. After putting on the sock, ensure that the fabric lays smoothly against your skin. If the socks fit properly, you may notice that your legs feel energized or slightly warm, but the legs should never hurt due to compression.

3. Fabric of the compression socks

You can find compression socks in a wide range of materials like nylon, wool, cotton, microfiber, spandex, lycra, etc. Make sure to choose a high-tech material that will extend the time between washes. Sheer fabric is lightweight, transparent, fashionable, and easily paired with many clothes. Opaque fabric is easy to wear and strong enough to provide adequate compression to your legs. They are also more durable than sheer fabrics.

3 Top Reviewed Knee-High Compression Socks

  1. BSN Jobst Athletic Supportwear Closed Toe Knee High Compression Socks 
  2. FLA Orthopedics Activa Sheer Therapy 15-20mmHg Womens Patterned Dress Socks with Diamond Pattern 
  3. Medline Curad Hospital-Quality Closed Toe Knee High 15-20mmHg Medical Compression Socks

Where to buy Compression Socks online?

Compression socks offer a perfect solution to help you manage your vein health, enhance physical activity, and travel comfortably. Health Products For You brings a vast collection of the best compression socks from leading manufacturers like BSN Medical, Complete Medical Supplies, Xpandasox, etc. Place your order today!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Compression socks are good for shin splints but they are not the complete cure to this condition. Compression socks help to make your injury feel better while recovery and they can possibly prevent a new injury from happening.

Yes, it is advisable to wear compression socks though the day or as directed by your medical practitioner. The size of the socks and the compression level must be carefully suggested. If worn correctly compression socks can help alleviate leg pains and many other conditions.

Yes, compression socks are good for restless legs but they should not be very tight to cut off the blood circulation.

Yes, compression socks are designed to help reduce the swelling in the feet, ankle and lower legs.

Yes, It is important to cover your feet, compression socks can improve your neuropathy by cushioning your feet against sudden injury.