Protective Cream and Ointment

Protective Cream and ointment are smooth, thick-bodied creams formulated to provide an invisible, uniform protective film barrier between the skin and potential irritants found in industry and around the home. Proper selection and use of protective creams start you on an effective hand protection routine.
Protective creams not only aid in repelling irritants, but also leave the hands free from stickiness and greasiness so as not to interfere with grip or dexterity.
Top brands like Elta, Derma, Convatec, Dynarex and many more bring an amazing variety of creams, ointments and gels designed to protect your skin during wound management and otherwise. We have on offer sunscreens, rejuvenating foot creams, lip balms, first aid and burn ointments, and insect repellents and more. You have a huge range to choose from and all have stunning discounts on them.

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