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What is a Coude Catheter?

A coude catheter is a type of intermittent urinary catheter with a curved or angled tip. Coude is a French word for “elbow” or “bend,” and coude catheters are slightly bent at the tip and are often called bent tip catheters. Apart from the bent tip, coude tip catheters are essentially the same as a straight intermittent catheter; small, hollow, flexible tubes that are used to drain urine from the bladder. Men and children primarily use coude catheters, although many people may need to use them. Coude caths come in many french sizes and styles, including straight, red rubber, foley, and even closed systems. HPFY offers a huge collection of coude caths for people who find it difficult inserting a straight catheter in the urethra and through to the bladder. Buy coude catheters from top brands like Rusch, Kendall, Cysto-Care, etc., at affordable prices.

Glossary: Catheter French Sizes

Modern urinary catheters are sized by a universal gauge system known as “French size.” All catheters are made in French sizes (Fr), and the sizes are the same for every brand. Sizing is based upon the measurement of the external diameter of the catheter tube. The French size is determined by simply multiplying the diameter with 3. Catheters are made in many French sizes to suit all kinds of bodies.


Who needs to use a Coude Tip Catheter?

Most people find straight tip catheters suitable for their needs; however, they do not always work for everyone’s anatomy, and not everyone is comfortable inserting a straight tip catheter. People who suffer from urethral blockages or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) feel painful inserting straight catheters. Coude tip catheters are specially designed to maneuver around blockages or obstructions in the urethra and make self-catheterization easier and less painful. The curved tip makes insertion easier and allows for better access to the bladder. The curvature of the catheters helps reduce the friction that occurs between the urinary tract and the catheter itself.

What are the common reasons to switch to a Coude Catheter?

Following are the factors that may lead to the need for a coude cath:

What are some common types of Coude Tip Catheters?

Coude catheters are made with all types of main catheter materials such as vinyl or PVC, red rubber latex, and silicone, to name a few. Coude tips are also implemented in almost every common catheter type, including hydrophilic, pre-lubricated, pediatric length, uncoated intermittent, and closed system catheter kits.

Hydrophilic Coude Catheters

Hydrophilic catheters have a specialized coating that reacts with water upon exposure and allows them to self-lubricate. The catheter does not require additional lubrication as it remains lubricated throughout insertion, making cathing painless, frictionless, and a more comfortable experience.

Uncoated Coude Catheters

Uncoated intermittent catheters are the most basic type of catheter, and you can lubricate with only the desired amount of lubrication. HPFY carries uncoated intermittent coude catheters in various materials, including red rubber coude catheters, soft silicone coude catheters, and vinyl coude catheters.

Closed System Coude Catheter Kits

Closed system catheters with coude tips are perfect for those in wheelchairs or active and constantly on the go. Each closed system kit features a hydrophilic or pre-lubricated coude catheter with a self-contained collection bag. These kits offer you more convenience and discretion with an added benefit of a reduced risk of UTIs, and they are great options for those who would like to have a comfortable self-cathing experience.

Benefits of Intermittent Coude Catheters

Types of Coude Catheter Tips

The coude catheters generally have three basic tips, and each tip addresses a specific problem that a person may encounter. Your doctor will determine what will work best for you based on your anatomy and the underlying issues causing the need for a coude tip catheter. Following are the tip types and what they do:

Olive Tips: Olive tips are larger, ball-shaped, rounded ends that help widen the narrow urethras and aid smooth passage around obstructions without getting stuck. These are great options for getting past false passages.

Tiemann Tips: Tiemann tip is a longer and more narrow type of tip than others making the catheter navigate through tight or narrow spots in the urethra. The flexibility of the tip aids in better comfort during catheterization. If you have a narrow urethra and feel discomfort with other tips, talk to your urologist about trying a Tiemann tip.

Tapered Tips: Coude caths with tapered tips are the most commonly used coude tips. They feature a short and strong curve which is smaller at the insertion point. They can handle most obstructions and blockages, and they are especially good at navigating through strictures.

Top-Selling Coude Tip Catheters at HPFY

  1. Cure Male Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter With Coude Tip 
  2. McKesson Coude Tip Male Intermittent Catheter 
  3. Coloplast SpeediCath Coude Tip Male Intermittent Catheter

Where to buy Coude Catherters online?

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