Polar Active Ice 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy System With 9 Quart Cooler

Polar Active Ice 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy System With 9 Quart Cooler

Brand/Manufacturer: POLAR PRODUCTS, INC.


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Polar Active Ice Cold Therapy System with 9 Quart Cooler is specially designed for post-surgery and drug-free pain relief. This Cold Therapy System uses a motorized pump to circulate cold water from cooler to the desired body area, delivering localized cold therapy to users either at home or during hospital stays. The panel mount right angle coupling keeps the pump motor tighter to the cooler walls. This will stop the motor from flopping around in the cooler when emptying it.

Polar Active Ice 3.0 Includes

  • 9 Quart cooler with easy carrying handle that measures 16" x 9.5" x 8.5" and weighs 5.5 lbs
  • 1 Elastic belt, 3" x 44"
  • 5 feet of insulated water lines
  • 30 Minute timer
  • AC 12-volt power adapter with cord

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Item #DescPkg Price 
AIS3.0-9-U U-Shaped Bladder, 10.5" x 12" Each $8.80
AIS3.0-9-R Rectangular Bladder, 12.5" x 22.5" Each $8.80
AIS3.0-9-F Foot-Shaped Bladder, 12" Heel to Toe, 10" Heel to Ankle Each $8.80
AIS3.0-9-U-LAW U-Shaped Bladder with Hip and Lumbar Compression Wrap Each $8.80
AIS3.0-9-U-SAW U-Shaped Bladder with Shoulder Compression Wrap Each $8.80
AIS3.0-9-U-KAW U-Shaped Bladder with Knee Compression Wrap Each $8.80

Benefits of Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy System

  • Specifically designed for post-surgery, where serious pain relief is required
  • Universal Therapy Bladder can be applied on any part of body that needs targeted cooling therapy
  • Easy to reuse; simply add ice and water to the cooler
  • High-flow, dry and quick disconnect couplings allow for freedom of movement if required
  • Cooler lid is hinged and snaps in place, keeping it properly sealed
  • Water temperature flow control valve is present in an inline position in the insulated tubing line which keeps it closer to the person for easy adjustment
  • Panel mount right angle coupling makes a mistake proof water tight seal
  • Improved insulation on all water lines eliminate condensation at the control box and water leakage when directions are followed
  • Improved instructions and fill line sticker help eliminate confusion and overfilling the water
  • Polar Active Ice Cold Therapy System has more consistently quiet pump motor
  • 1 foot of insulated tubing extends from the bladder and the quick-disconnect couplings attach to the tubing from the cooling reservoir
  • U-Shaped Bladder is ideal for knees, shoulder, back, ankles, elbows, calves and limbs
  • Rectangular Bladder is ideal for full coverage of the back

Active Ice 3.0 Compression Wrap Features

  • Holds the bladder comfortably in place on the targeted body part
  • Provides gentle and adjustable compression
  • Insulates the targeted area and controls condensation
  • Conveniently attaches to the Universal U-Shaped Bladder and eases its application on the targeted body part with hook and loop tabs

Benefits of Polar Adjustable Temperature Control Valve (Not Included)

  • Helps to maintain the temperature of a desired process at a specific level
  • Provides reliable, automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids
  • Adjustable temperature control flow control valve
  • Allows for maximum comfort

Significance Of Timer in Polar Active Ice System

Timer allows only 30 minutes session before it requires resetting. This helps the user to check the skin before resetting. Several times it is required to wait before resetting the timer because the skin gets very cold. The cases of people being hurt due to overuse of cold therapy are very common. This makes timer an essential safety feature.

What to buy with Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy System?

  • Polar Active Ice Insulated Tubing Extension
  • Polar Active Ice Y-Shaped Hose Connector

  • Also Available Separately:

    How to Set Up Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy System?

    1. Always begin with power supply unplugged. Do not turn on the system until all connections are complete and the hose from the cooler to the therapy bladder is free from bends or restrictions, as this will restrict water flow through the system.
    2. Open the reservoir and fill with ice to near the top of the cooler. Fill the reservoir with large blocks of ice for an extended cooling time. For example: freeze water in milk cartons, then tear away the carton.
    3. Add cold tap water to the fill line, approximately 1.5 to 2 quarts. Always ensure the water covers the pump. Do not overfill. Never operate the unit without water! This can cause pump failure.
    4. Connect the therapy bladder hose to the cooler hose. Depress tabs on couplings before connecting. Couplings “click” when they are properly locked together.
    5. Plug power supply into the unit and into a wall outlet. If using a battery pack, follow instructions with the pack.
    6. Adjust the temperature control to “Coldest” and turn the timer knob clockwise to turn the unit on. Allow the unit to run a few minutes for the temperature to stabilize before using the system. Always ensure that there is water flowing through the top return tube to the cooling reservoir.
    7. Use the enclosed elastic belt with hook and loop tabs to hold the universal bladder comfortably on the targeted body part. Always use an insulation barrier such as Webril, Kerlix, cast padding, or elastic bandage between the therapy bladder and the skin.
    8. Adjust the temperature control to the desired level. When the temperature has risen above the desired temperature, refill the reservoir with ice. Drain water if necessary.
    9. Confirm that water is flowing through the return flow tube at the top of the cooler when the system is on.

    How to Use Universal Therapy Bladder?

    1. Do not turn the system on until all connections are complete and the hose from the cooler to the wrap is free from bends or restrictions.
    2. Place the bladder over the targeted area with the smooth side toward the skin. Always use this bladder with a protective layer of fabric between the bladder and the skin.
    3. Use the elastic belt, tab or compression wrap to comfortably hold the bladder in place. Place the bladder on the target body part and hold in place with the elastic strap.
    4. Connect the bladder tubes to the Active Ice Cold Therapy System tubes with the quick connect couplings. Depress the tab on the female coupling first, then press the system coupling into the bladder coupling until you hear a “click” sound. This click is the sound of the couplings connecting and locking into place.
    5. Be sure the hoses are not restricted or bent, as this will restrict water flow through the entire system.

    Active Ice 3.0 Operating Instructions

    Active Ice 3.0 Universal Therapy System Specifications



    Ideal For

    Universal U-Shaped Bladder

    10.5" x 12"

    Back, Knees, Shoulders, Ankles, Elbows, Calves & Limbs

    Universal Rectangular Bladder

    12.5" x 22.5"

    Post-Surgery cold therapy to the Back, Hips & other large surface areas

    Foot-Shaped Bladder

    12" Heel to Toe, 10" Heel to Ankle

    Foot Surgery & Drug-free pain relief

    Polar Active Ice 3.0 Warranty

    6 Months Warranty - If the unit is within its 180 day warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced with a new unit at no charge.

    Active Ice 3.0 Reviews

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    need this for knee replacement after surgery.  states that some compression is given but want to know of the compression can be turned off   do not thing compression w/b good at first.  thanks
    marge - 7/26/2019 8:38:30 PM
    answer image
    Any compression provided with our system is manually applied when attaching the wrap to the body. There is no on/off option, but the user can secure the wrap as loosely, or tightly as is comfortable or recommended to apply compression.
    Customer Care - 7/30/2019 2:17:48 AM
    answer image
    Thank you for reaching out to us. We'll try to get back to you shortly regarding this.
    Customer Care - 7/27/2019 5:45:40 AM
    question image
    Where can I buy a knee wrap I have the ice michene and a wrap for my shoulder
    Jeff LaPoint - 1/12/2017 8:02:14 PM
    answer image
    Customer Care - 1/13/2017 12:42:00 AM
    question image
    I already have a machine. Can I order the pads separately?
    Michael Van Zile - 11/14/2016 3:51:37 PM
    answer image
    We do have bladders available separately. You may purchase it online from or website. Polar Active Ice Cold Therapy Bladders are reusable, easy and convenient to use. Please follow the link. https://www.healthproductsforyou.com/p-polar-active-ice-cold-therapy-bladders.html
    Customer Care - 11/22/2016 2:55:38 AM
    question image
    can you use hot water in these??
    Jason - 7/27/2016 1:41:14 PM
    answer image
    The Active Ice Therapy provides constant relief with circulating cold water for up to 48 or 72 hours. This product cannot be used for Hot therapy.
    Customer Care - 7/28/2016 2:03:37 AM
    question image
    Do you know what type of car adapter (if any) works with this machine? Needing to take a trip.
    D. Clark - 7/19/2016 10:45:51 AM
    answer image
    Thank you for contacting customer care service.
    You can use Polar Power Take Off Adapter with this system given on below link.
    Customer Care - 7/20/2016 3:42:41 AM
    question image
    Does this product provide compression
    Kathy thompson - 7/1/2016 6:59:24 PM
    answer image
    Thank you for contacting customer care service.
    No, this product does not provide compression.
     Add an Optional Compression Wrap. These wraps add a gentle and adjustable compression and ease the application of the U-Shaped bladder on the target body part
    Customer Care - 7/2/2016 1:32:39 AM
    question image
    Does it come with the reservoir or do you have to purchase that separately?
    Kim - 3/24/2016 7:35:02 AM
    answer image
    Polar Active Ice Therapy System includes: 
    - 9 Quart cooler with easy carrying handle
    - Choice of U-shaped bladder, Rectangular bladder, or Foot-shaped bladder
    - 1 Elastic belt: 3" x 44"
    - 5 feet of insulated water lines
    - Quick disconnect couplings
    - Water temperature control
    - 30 Minute timer
    - AC 12-volt power adapter with cord
    Customer Care - 3/25/2016 2:34:42 AM
    question image
    which pad is for kbnee replacement for a large person knee?
    george - 3/2/2016 8:40:46 PM
    answer image
    The U-shaped bladder is ideal for knees, shoulder, back, ankles, elbows, calves and limbs.
    Customer Care - 3/3/2016 12:56:26 AM
    question image
    Which bladder is best for shoulder? Can this ship overnight to Indianapolis IN?
    Greg Black - 3/23/2015 5:43:27 PM
    answer image
    Thank you for reaching out to us. 
    U-Shaped Bladder is ideal for shoulder. For shipping details please refer our guidelines at: http://www.healthproductsforyou.com/shipping.html
    or for more information or any urgent issues call our toll free helpline 866-316-0162
    Customer Care - 3/24/2015 1:45:23 AM
    question image
    Is this product ever covered by insurance (Medicare+AARP Sup) for post knee replacement treatment?
    Jim Simpson - 3/12/2015 10:34:15 PM
    answer image
    Customer Service would love to help answer your question. No, unfortunately it is not covered.
    Customer Care - 3/13/2015 11:00:40 PM