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Breg DUO Knee Brace

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Breg DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) Knee Brace with its unique design creates a load across the joint when the knee is extended and reduces the load as the knee flexes. Thus, when the patient is bearing weight, the brace is actively unloading. DUO brace reduces force when sitting, making it ideal for patients who need to wear a brace for daily activities.


Features of DUO Knee Brace:

  • Low-profile frame
  • Dynamic loading hinge
  • Incremental arm adjustments
  • Up to 16 degrees of correction can be applied
  • Unique strapping design minimizes migration


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Breg DUO Knee Brace Features

  • Works to apply a corrective force in the last 30 degrees of extension when the most relief is needed
  • Load is removed as the knee moves into flexion and symptoms are no longer present
  • Ideal for OA patients who wear braces for extended periods of time
  • Provides support for ligament instability

Indications of Breg DUO Knee Brace:

  • Can be configured to address medial or lateral osteoarthritis
  • Designed to decrease joint pain by creating a space between the bones on the affected side of the knee
  • Unicompartmental OA
  • Unicompartmental OA / meniscal instabilities with ligamentous injuries

How to adjust the DUO brace for unloading?

  • The adjustable upright should sit on the side of the affected compartment
  • Simply use the attached ‚¬“key‚¬ to loosen the rivets on the affected side
  • Next, lengthen the upright the desired number of increments to unload that compartment

How does DUO unload the affected compartment?

  • During extension, the hinge on the affected compartment becomes longer while the opposite hinge becomes shorter
  • This increases the force to unload the affected compartment and relieve pain
  • During flexion when there are no symptoms of OA, that process is reversed and the force is reduced for increased comfort
  • DUO;s innovative design provides the best of both worlds in comfort and pain relief

Instructions For Use of Breg DUO Knee Brace

  • Unfasten Buckle:
    - Release all four straps on the back side of the brace by squeezing the gray levers on either side of the buckle and withdrawing the over-center buckle. Loosen the front straps.

  • Positioning the Brace:
    - With the knee bent at 45°, lay the brace on the leg and align the hinge.
    - Position the center of the hinge on an imaginary line that goes across the top of the knee cap.
    - Push the hinges posteriorly until the hinges are in the center of the knee joint when viewed from the side.

  • Anchoring the Brace:
    - Wrap the upper rear calf strap around the calf as high as possible over the calf muscle.
    - Insert the over-center buckle into the base. Push the buckle until you hear the gray levers click on both sides.
    - Adjust the strap by releasing the hook and loop tab and pull the strap until a snug and comfortable fit is achieved.

  • Fastening Lower Calf Strap:
    - Insert the over-center buckle into the base on the lower calf shell of the brace.
    - Push the buckle in until you hear the gray levers click on both sides. Adjust strap until a comfortable fit is achieved. (If the strap tab reaches its limit without achieving the desired fit.

  • Fastening Rear Thigh Straps:
    - Following the same instructions as in Steps 3 and 4, fasten the lower and then upper rear thigh strap.

  • Adjusting Front Tibia Strap:
    - Tighten the front tibia strap.
    - If the strap overlaps too far, see strap length adjustment.
    - Center the strap pad.

  • Adjusting Front Thigh Strap:
    - Tighten the front thigh strap.

  • Note:
    - Overtightening the front thigh strap can cause the brace not to function properly.
    - Stand up and walk or jog around to see how your new DUO brace feels.
    - Straps should not be so tight that blood circulation is restricted. Re-adjust as needed.
    - If this is your first time to wear a functional knee brace, it might take a few hours of wear to get used to how it feels. Strap Length Adjustment (F): All straps have additional length adjustment at the end opposite the tab.
    - Release the strap and adjust the length of the strap using the hook and loop fastener.
    - Center the strap pad.

  • Adjust Oa Load:
    - Brace comes with the setting at 4.
    - Put the brace on and walk around in it.
    - If the brace needs adjustment, remove brace, then remove the "b"shaped tool hanging on the brace.
    - Insert the tool into the top screw and turn to the left to loosen. Repeat with the bottom screw (G1).
    - To decrease the amount of load, slide the arm down to a lower setting.
    - To increase the amount of load, slide the arm up to a higher setting (G2).
    - Use the tool to tighten the screws by turning it to the right until snug.
    - Reapply the brace and walk around again in the brace to check for comfort.
  • Caution:
    - This device is not intended for reuse on a second patient.
    - Activity modification and proper rehabilitation are an essential part of a safe treatment program.
    - If any additional pain or other symptoms occur while using this device, discontinue use and seek medical attention.
    - This device is not intended to prevent injury, or reduce or eliminate the risk of re-injury.
    - This device has been developed for the indications listed above and may be damaged by unusual activities such as sports, falls, or other accidents, or exposure of the hinges to debris or liquids.
    - To avoid the risk of accident and possible injury to the patient, discontinue use if such an incident has occurred.
    - Do not leave this device in a car on a hot day, or in any other place where the temperature may exceed 150F (65 C.) for any extended period of time.
  • Contraindications:
    - The DUO is contraindicated to treat medial osteoarthritis with a lateral osteoarthritis brace or to treat lateral osteoarthritis with a medial osteoarthritis brace.


Size Thigh Circumference Standard Calf Circumference Athletic Calf Circumference
X-Small 13.5" - 16" (34-41 cm) 12.5" - 14" (32-36 cm) 11" - 12.5" (28-32 cm)
Small 16" - 18.75" (41-48 cm) 14" - 15.5" (36-39 cm) 12.5" - 14" (32-36 cm)
Medium 18.75" - 21.5" (48-55 cm) 15.5" - 17" (39-43 cm) 14" - 15.5" (36-39 cm)
Large 21.5" - 24.25" (55-62 cm) 17" - 18.5" (43-47 cm) 15.5" - 17" (39-43 cm)
X-Large 24.25" - 27" (62-69 cm) 18.5" - 20" (47-51 cm) 17" - 18.5" (43-47 cm)
XX-Large 27" - 29.5" (69-75 cm) 20" - 21" (51-53 cm) 18.5" - 20" (47-51 cm)
Thigh circumference measure 6" (15 cm) above mid-patella
Calf circumference measure 6" (15 cm) below mid-patella


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