Frequently Asked Questions on Reachers/Reaching Aids

What purposes do reachers serve?

Reachers can be used for trash pickup, lawn cleanup, and retrieving small objects from high places, low places, and even tight spaces.

How much weight can a reacher grabber lift?
Reachers can lift from 4-5 lbs. without any trouble.
Can a reacher be used to open doors?

Yes, a reacher is a great tool for elderly people and can open doors that have compatible handles.

What is an adjustable length reacher?

Adjustable length reachers like the "PikStik TelescoPik" come with lockable sliding shaft that adjusts from 30 to 44 inches.

What are folding reachers?

Folding reachers are built with a slip-joint in the arm that allows it to fold in half.