Frequently Asked Questions on Ankle Support

What is a rigid ankle brace?

Rigid braces are designed to offer the highest level of protection and post injury support while maintaining the full range of motion.

What are Lace up braces for?

Lace-up braces offers a preventative support without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement. These braces are easy to put on and provide the required amount of compression.

How to clean the ankle braces?

You should hand wash the support pads and straps of the ankle supports with water and a mild detergent.

It is recommended that a brace must be fitted snugly to get the benefits of compression and warmth. But it should not be too tight to restrict the blood flow. If you feel uncomfortable the brace may be too tight.

Can ankle supports be worn in the night?

It is not recommended to wear an ankle brace at night. You must take them off before going to bed. If neccessary you must take the suggestion of your healthcare provider.